About Us

Vegan Kart was founded as a vegan awareness initiative with the goal of spreading the vegan movement.
And believe us, when we say that giving up on animal and dairy
diet won’t let your taste down taste at all.

About Thevegankart

Get all the insights of vegan food, nutrition,
recipes, health and lifestyle to embrace the
journey of veganism.

Vegan Kart is a simple and social attempt to bring the Vegan community together by being a Multi-Author open blog where anybody can post, maintain, and share purely Vegan articles that help fellow Vegans.

Offering unmatched information service with the finest quality content on veganism to our viewers is one of our top priorities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a one-stop platform for compassionate readers, writers, bloggers,

and other fellow content creators providing a diverse choice of dairy alternate, animal-free, and plant based vegan products that are available to everyone.

What We offer?

At vegan kart, we offer you the best of dairy and animal-free products information catering to you with all your daily needs to enrich your vegan lifestyle,

with a variety of options from different brands, which we have selected precisely from the organic green sources without being compromised in quality.

Our Commitment

At Vegan Kart, we are committed to bringing you the best in blogging in the vegan world, with an emphasis on dependability and daily updates, and changing trends.

We’re working hard enough to transform our love of veganism through blogging mediums to grab the attention of each and every individual who is concerned for the mass exploitation of earth’s natural resources.

Why Choose Us?


With Vegan Kart, you can take a step toward which ensures you a healthy lifestyle and a safer environment to sustain.

A vegan diet exposes you to a plethora of new and delectable cuisines which are in fact enriched with exotic tastes along with being healthy. We keep our best to provide you with genuine facts and figures through which you can care for your health and other lives near you.

We are working our best to make the influence of plant based food on our audience. We strongly believe in a future in which livestock will be seen to be living, to breathe, to sense that they are emotional entities that no longer be cultivated and exploited on a mass scale.