So, you are planning to do business. Great! One should have a business idea before starting off. In absence of a prosper business idea no individual would become a businessman or businesswoman. There are just too many businesses that one can pursue. However, due to the current global crisis many businesses are failing around the world.

But do not worry! We have got you covered. Have you ever heard about vegan food business ideas? Yes or no? In this blog you will learn about 4 trending vegan business ideas that will allow you to flourish your business & generate six-figure revenue in no-time.

Before hopping on to discuss the business ideas you should be well-versed with the terminologies – Vegan & Veganism. To start with, veganism is a practice to pass-up from the consumption & use of animals (birds, sea beings) & by-products we get from them. While the term ‘vegan’ is used for the person who adopts the practice of veganism.

Veganism is not only eating plant-based food but also avoiding the use of all other animal products. It is seen that people often take veganism as something decorative but it should not be the case. Going vegan leads to positive impact on a plethora of things around us. At the moment, it is crucial to adopt vegan mindset which is also the need of the hour.

From environment to health to productivity to business, veganism can be a lot more beneficial for the mankind than we think it to be. A vegan diet contains all wheat, beans, nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetables, and the nearly limitless number of foods that can be created by integrating them.

Why to Invest in Vegan Business?

There is a whole new community in the country where people who have gone from eating meat to vegan or vegetarian to vegan are leading a healthy life. Now coming to the mainstream topic, vegan business has started with a great acceleration in the country. The scope of starting a vegan venture could be extravagantly profitable in the coming few years.

Many people in the country have gone vegan while many others are in queue. Commencing a business that revolves around trending vegan food could also be a good option. Moreover, it should not always about food, there are lot more vegan products which could help you generate good money if you play the right game.

It is believed that one should invest in a business as per the individual capacity. The vegan market in India is still in its initial phase. It is expected that the market will see immense growth in the coming years as more millennial will start pursuing the practice of veganism.

4 Trending Vegan Food Business Ideas in India

1. Vegan Pizza Shop

Pizzas is the love of many Indians. Some of the popular pizza outlets in the country are serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza. However, there is hardly any food-chain firm focusing on to win the hearts of vegans. You can probably try to come up with your own vegan pizza recipes.

Here, one important thing you have to keep in mind that pizza is an Italian junk food which contains lots of cheese in it. Well, that is the specialty of Italian cuisine. You have to restrict yourself using cheese and other dairy products only then you would be able to attract the set of audience you would be planning to target.

You have to figure out a way that does not harm the essence of pizza and manages to give your vegan pizza the feel, taste and experience of cheese. It is possible, there are many ingredients from ancient India which could help you do so. Opening your own vegan pizza outlet could be a profitable niche for your business.

2. Vegan Bakery

Bakeries are famous for their delectable donuts, breads, biscuits, cookies, etc. However, to give the baked food delicious flavor, chefs at various bakeries use dairy products. You can start off a vegan bakery business wherein you refrain from involving yourself in such a recipe.

There are many natural herbs that are proficient in adding a soothing and mesmerizing flavor to the baked food. You could probably get your hand-on to such appetizing flavours to ramp up the scale of your bakery shop. No doubt, a vegan bakery shop is one of the sought-after trending vegan food ideas that could help you earn plenty of money.

3. Vegan Dog Food Store

In India, people love to own pets, especially dogs. As a matter of fact that most dog food is even costlier than human food. People who love dogs they even go on to buy expensive food for their pets.

Therefore, it is one of the best business ideas in India, as of now. You can start your own vegan dog food store where you will be guaranteed to attract people who themselves are vegan.

4. Vegan Food Truck

You can start a vegan food truck where in you prepare vegan kebabs, vegan chaps, vegan burgers and bowls for your customers. Food trucks are in craze these days and you will see people coming in to your cart soon after you launch this business. Also, you can serve your customer home-made healthy cold drinks like lemonade, jal jeera and more.

With time, you can also try on with your own recipe to prepare vegan mango shake, vegan strawberry shake and stuffs like that. It will help you establish a remarkable authority among your existing and potential customers which further will help you generate lots of money. People like feasting on delightful street food as they taste classy and comes at reasonable price tag in comparison to star rating restaurants.


Veganism is one the rise and accordingly the businesses to serve vegan audience. It is the time when you can try on your luck with the above-mentioned vegan business idea in India. There are many more businesses related to veganism you could think about but not all are trending.

Trending vegan food business ideas will surely help you make a good chunk of revenue if you work with business strategies in place. It is important to plan before starting anything, vegan business is the same.

The best thing about vegan food business is that you don’t have to target a specific set of audience. Everyone is cool to consume vegan food provided you know the vegan recipe to win hearts of your customers. A vegan cannot eat non-vegetarian but a non-vegetarian can eat vegan food with sheer interest, this is where you success is reserved!