Sea moss refers to as “nature’s multivitamin” in the health business. Since Kim Kardashian begin to include it in her smoothies. The superfood is sparking worldwide attention.

But what about the health advantages?
This unusual superfood is also referred to as Chondrus Crispus, Carragreen, and Irish Sea Moss. Although it is a form of red algae containing vitamins & minerals which is having its moment in the limelight. Laude its health advantages by key experts in the nutritional sector. As well as celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Sea Moss originates from the Caribbean lands. Traditionally it is useful in treating sickness and providing protection.

It is now highly regarded in the medical field. Containing potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins A, D, & E. Sometimes consider it as nature’s supplement. However, it also contains a lot of protein and has a low-calorie count. Which in turn enhances libido, metabolism, digestive health, and a long list of other benefits.

So what is this plant superfood capable of doing for our health? Let’s find out.

Sea moss is a species of seaweed that serves a variety of functions. It’s found along the coasts of Europe, North America & Ireland. Use extracts of sea moss in order to replace gelatine with a plant substitute.

Though, it is sold in bottles and packages all around the world. Recently gaining popularity as a health food, with a surge in online interest.

Sea Moss is sold as a mood-boosting, disease-fighting whole food in a variety of forms, including gels, tablets soaps, and also honey.

Can’t utilize it as a health food, however, it can be found in a variety of food products. Utilize it in skincare goods, plant milk, and yogurts as a stabilizer, thickening, and emulsifying agent.

Benefits and Nutrition of Sea Moss

Seaweed and other sea veggies are high in phytonutrients and fibers. These nutrients aren’t usually found in plants raising the soil.

According to research, having seaweed in one’s diet can assist to lower the risk of chronic diseases. Including different forms of cancer. In accordance with Dr. Michael Greger, the leading plant physician, it may also help with endometriosis by assisting in the breakdown of estrogen. Aid in the reduction of depression.

Furthermore, according to Greger, eating seaweed increases the development of antibodies and T lymphocyte cells. Strengthening the human immune system.

As per Dr. Greger, more widespread consumption of seaweeds could increase immunity in people especially those of old age. In addition to its consumption, it reduces infectious disease outbreaks to a large extent.

People who are at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease may benefit from ingesting Sea Moss. Discovering the different varieties of Sea Moss to eliminate “brain fog” and improve cognitive function.
People report that it increases libido, energy, and improved digestion as a result of its antiviral and antioxidant-rich characteristics. Deep Singh, the owner of Sea Moss, agrees to this statement.

Singh asserts that sea moss has almost every mineral, the body needs for optimum nutritional support, and in addition claiming that it includes about 83 % of all vital nutrients.

As the majority of people embrace functional healing as a path of life, sparking demand for Sea Moss. During these exceptional circumstances, people have more inclination to take preventative steps.

On a global scale, COVID-19 modifies people’s perceptions about health and wellness.

Not only are we witnessing an increase in Sea Moss clients, but we’re also seeing new rival Sea Moss brands hitting the market,’ Deep Singh adds it.

Source of Plant Protein

The advantages and dangers of eating seaweed, which also comprises Sea Moss, were examined in the research, which was reported in Nutrition Reviews.

Seaweed production dominates by aquaculture, which alone accounts for 96% of total seaweed production. Require more stringent standards to accommodate the rising demand for seaweed substances.

As per this study, it “guarantee” sustainability. The researchers conclude that seaweed has the potential to deliver significant protein for future diets.

They also predict that by the year 2054, 56 million metric tonnes of algae require on a yearly basis as a substitute for protein sources, accounting for 5.94 percent of total global protein demand.

Seaweed protein shows potential as a source of plant protein for humans. As a result, it has the potential to ‘contribute significantly to plant protein sources in the long term.

Thus, as per the report, sea moss is a promising prospect for offering an alternative source of fiber. This is due to the presence of agar.

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Is it Safe to Eat Sea Moss?

Carrageenan and Carragreen are not the same things, as stockers and specialists point out.

Deep Singh states that carrageenan is a separate extract for use in manufacturing. Helps in the thickening of processed foods but has little nutritional benefit. Whereas, carrageen is a type of algae that is high in nutrients.

Consumption of Sea Moss, on the other hand, carries some potential dangers. Deanna Hammond-Blackburn, a nutrition consultant and personal trainer by profession, agrees to this.

Dr. Greger labels it as a significant threat as well. According to her, there is just one way to make carrageen safe to consume. This can be possible when it extracts & treats with the help of alkaline agents rather than in an acidic medium.

She believes that processing it with acid results in the formation of poligeenan, which is unsafe to eat. Furthermore, Hammond-Blackburn warns that the extraction of Carrageenan may have negative side effects.

Irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, bloating and inflammation are just a few of the signs and symptoms. Having a lot of iodine in it. Simply, it results in hypothyroidism.

It’s crucial to know about autoimmune thyroid disorders, even if they’re rare or you are prone to it. She claims that, despite the fact that you can use it as a form of medicine for ages. Yet thoroughly explores in medical research and study.

What is the Best Way to Use Sea Moss?

When buying Sea Moss, the drying variant is usually the cheapest option. Searching for a wide range of recipes with simple preparation.

To begin, soak the moss until all sand removes. Allow it to boil, then reduce to a low flame and cook for about 10 minutes. After that, filter the water with the stainer and keep it aside. At Last, blitz the moss and gradually drizzle in the filtered water until a gel formation starts.

When blending with lemon, elderflower, and apple juice. Thus, it can be useful to make health-promoting beverages, according to Hammond Blackburn. Also beneficial in the treatment of the common cold and other flu.

Precise methods to cook carrageen to churn out the maximum benefit, as explained by her. It’s unpleasant and not recommended to consume it in a raw form. Just because of the texture’s abrasiveness of carrageen.

The best strategy to obtain the maximum benefits of carrageen is to boil it in water. It exudes a tasteless, gelatinous liquid. And can be helpful in a range of dishes, but it is most commonly used in thickening soups stews, and soups. A classic Irish dish is “carrageen moss pudding”, which is a perfect example of it.

After mixing, filter with a fine strainer to eliminate any residual carrageen that is left over. Blending it into smoothies, like Kim Kardashian, the famous celebrity and model does, is a popular way of consuming it.