Hello folks, welcome to one of your favorite Vegan Communities – the Vegan Kart. And we are here to discuss the topic of the Environmental Benefits of Veganism.

“Vegan” – when a person hears this word, they tend to think of this guy as a stereotypical hippie. As they relate him/her to someone who appears like Save the animals, man! Or considers some guys or girls as dumb, air-headed valley girls, who are on a strict diet. Can only have water if it is zero calories. 

Actually, vegans are just like you and me. However, the only difference is their eating habits. But yet, some people think they are stupid for choosing upon themselves. To not eat bacon and eggs, an In-and-Out burger, or ice cream.

Like Who Chooses To Not Eat Ice Cream?

Generally, these vegan diets are brilliant in the way they benefit the environment. Here you will also learn what are the benefits of veganism. In short, how can a vegan diet benefit the environment? By the environment, I mean the climate, the water use, the land use, and the community.

So first, let’s go with the climate. Quoted by Kirk R. Smith, an environmental professor from California Berkeley. He is interviewed in a documentary called “Cowspiracy”. That if everybody were to stop using oil and gas entirely. Then we would see these effects in 100 years or so.

But if everybody on Earth were to go vegan, then we would see these effects within decades. Though he’s right when he says this. Since animal agriculture is completely screwing over our world, and nobody is aware.

Emission of Harmful Gases

When I first looked up greenhouse gas emissions. Then this picture, along with several others similar to this one were the first things that came up. Although it is not the leading cause; as a matter of fact, the leading cause is animal agriculture.

Right now, animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Since the reason behind this is that the billions of animals in the industries today are pooping. As a matter of fact, in the United States, 7 million pounds of excrement are produced by animals in the industry every minute. Therefore, it is a part of the Benefits of Veganism.

Personally find that disgusting, but not only is it super gross. Yet it’s also terrible in how it affects the environment. As this poop contains nitrous oxide. Although nitrous oxide is only 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, it’s 296 times more destructive than carbon dioxide.


Next is water; in a book we read & quote “The diet for a new America”,& the author John Robbins stated 5% of all water use in the US is domestic- meaning showers, laundering machines, dish washers, etc.

While 55% of the United States water use goes to animal agriculture. He’s right when he says this, because not only are these animals drinking water but they are eating plants that are given water, as well.

This explains also why 1/3 of Earth’s entire fresh water is going to animal agriculture. Our global rainforests are basically our Earth’s lungs taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Repercussion of Animal Agriculture

It’s a shame that an acre a second is being destroyed, and the leading cause is and maybe you can guess it – animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is also responsible for 91% of Amazon’s destruction because of the amount of land they all need to survive. It is part of the Benefits of Veganism.

Let’s take one and a half acres: that’s enough for 37,000 pounds of plant-based food or just 375 pounds of meat. Let’s also have a situation in which vegans were to only have a certain amount of land to live off of for an entire year. They would only need one-sixth of an acre to use food.

Give the same situation for a meat-eater, and they would need 18 times more acres than a vegan would.

How Animal Agriculture Matters?

So in one our internet research on world hunger, and she didn’t really find any ties with animal agriculture, but I personally find it important, because right now, we have enough food to feed 10 billion people.

Why are we not able to feed this amount of people?
• First of all, because there is only 7 billions, obviously, but also because 50% of grains worldwide are being eaten by the animals in the industries.
• Also, 82% of children living right next to these animals,- who are starving -these 82% of children starving are living right next to these animals that are being shipped off to more well-off places like the United States, the UK, and Europe.


Every year, the human population eats 21 billion pounds of food, while the world’s 1.5 billion cows alone are eating 135 billion pounds of food.

After hearing all these statistics, I challenge you to not go vegan- if you can, that’s the best -but rather be like me and eat less meat and animal products less often, and go for something that will help our world and help it change; by eating plants – or as an article in “The Guardian” says – meat alternatives. So don’t be some disgusting pig or some lazy, fat cow, because you are what you eat.

Thank you