What is the Future of Vegans?

How does it feel when we come to know that person near to us or who is in our circle is a vegan? For that instance we consider him/her as indifferent, reserving, or a little awkward, or we start thinking in our mind – not another one. Through this article, we want to show you that what is future of vegans is. And how it can free you from these nasty feelings about vegans. Also, the future of vegan will help you to become more curious and more flexible as well as more caring.

Often, the word “vegan” can be more annoying sometimes. As it feels that it is kind of a label to differentiate people. But for a Vegan his/her sense of ethics, compassion & freedom it’s not a diet or an ideology. Nor an exclusive club but it’s a lifestyle depending on a simple principle of doing no harm. Only giving kindness to only living beans Learn what is the future of vegan.

Why go with Vegan Lifestyle?

Soon or later we will have to go with the vegan lifestyle in the near future. Let’s see why to go vegan & what is the future of vegan.

• Firstly, the impact of the vegan diet on our health & also its advantages over dairy & meat food is known to everyone. Most importantly vegan diet lowers your chances of cardiac as well as cancer disease.

• Secondly, the plant vegan products are more pocket-friendly as compared the dairy and meat products.

• Third, large-scale livestock farming adds to the contamination of land, air, and water resources.

• Although, majority of the vegan dishes can be prepared in less time as compared to the conventional dishes. Involving meat or milk which is making them more popular.

• Being vegan lets you care for animal and plant resources. This helps you in finding your inner peace.

• However, causing devastation by animal meat consumption is the reason behind global climate change.

• Lastly, the growth of animal protection activists & also formulating laws. In the favor of animal rights through the legislative bodies.

Dark Truth of Animal farm Industry

Growing up as species and realizing that using and killing animals for human consumption no longer makes sense. However, change is always not easy especially when we learn that animal meat is healthy.

If you look over the internet, then you can find numerous sources and evidence of the future of vegan. Revealing the truth of industrial animal farming.

With some shivering facts such as:

Environmental scientist agrees that animal farming is not sustainable on any level. Yet it is a big threat to our health as well as to our food security. To meat, milk, and egg industry makes inefficient use of the earth’s resources. For saving the least causing rapid deforestation, severe pollution, global warming & even species extinction.

Animal farming is also a very thirsty business. Think when a stake of meat requires 3400 liters of water to produce. That is 4 years of drinking water stock for an average person.

Nowadays, when people from all over the world accept that we should treat animals with kindness and compassion. Since the food industry works hard to hide what we as consumers don’t want to hear, see or do.

Other Facts-

Pigs, Cows, and chickens feel and suffer just like cats dogs, and humans, however, animal farms treat animals like machines to produce meat, milk, and eggs. So you can judge by the amount of suffering this causes, animal farming arguably is one the worst crimes in history.

And did you that more than 70 billion land animals are killed for human consumption alone every single year and that is equivalent to killing the entire human population almost every single month.

And it’s also very important to realize leather, wool, and fur and down are just not the byproducts of the meat industry, they are the cruel standalone industry because the skin, hair, and feather of an animal propound is much more than the meat.

Have you ever wondered why leather is non bio degradable still being a skin? That’s because animal skin is treated with highly toxic chemicals. Traditional leather production leaves behind vast carbon footprints, brutal animal sufferings, and disturbing animal rights violations.

No matter how we look at animal farming even if product are labeled local, organic or human, it is not a pretty picture you wish to see. Figuring many more disturbing facts like these no one wishes to contribute to an insufficient, unsustainable system. And nobody wants to contribute to abuse and killing of innocent animals.

Challenges in Vegan Future

At the start of the vegan journey, everyone wants to be a desperate vegan but it can be more sometimes it can become more challenging than what it looks like. You have the guilt that how one can be so blind for all this time. You also feel shame and regret the choices made in the past and on top of that, why other people can’t see like us.

For a month you may feel lonely, angry, and helpless and find yourself in a dark place. To an extreme, you feel you are carrying the weight of all the sufferings in the world and making you exhausted. And over that eating a healthy vegan diet and still, the energy level is lower than ever and it seems that this way is not helping anyone and is not serving your purpose.

But soon you will realize that you don’t have to take it extreme and maybe a perfect vegan may not exist. You can simply do the best you can with all the information and options that you can search.

With 3 simple principles of the future of vegan:

Be Curious

Adapting these principles can open a whole new world of experience for you. Being curious can you make you discover amazing new vegan products and experiments with all kind of vegan recipe will surely be so much fun hat you can make your own vegan dish and who knows you may start selling them to restaurants and you will be proud coming to know the health benefits of vegan products.

Be Flexible

But no matter how exiting these findings are, you may have mixed feelings when you start veganising your life. And this will lead you to be flexible. Even though your idea of leather can shift from luxury to barbaric with the slightest smell can make you feel horrible, your biggest challenging may be letting go leather shoes and other products. Being flexible makes you not to worry about the non vegan products and instead focusing more on vegan food.

Be Caring

After understanding the impact of everyday choice on yourself and the world, you start filtering each thing; thought, word and action through the lens of doing no harm. And as a result, you become more compassionate and peaceful.

How Future of Vegans is Changing?

Vegan Population Stats

Though the vegan population stats around the world are hard to find but with the recent surveys in vegan food consumption we can take a rough idea of its population.

Vegan Population in United States

Few years back in 2014, the vegan population in the US was around 1 per cent of its total population. But coming in 2017, it expanded up to 6 percent of the total population.

Vegan Population in United Kingdom

In UK, 3.25 per cent of the population aged 15 and above does not consume meat as a part of their diet. As per the Vegan society reports, 1.16 percent of the total population in 2018 went vegan.

Other Global Hubs

• Around 10 percent of the population in Austrailia follows veganism.
• As per the data and stats of Euromonitor, Italy has got the most number of vegans in Europe.
• The vegan population in Germany has almost doubled in the last decades.

Impact of Veganism

Today being vegan has become a way of life that is far beyond what we presume. Therefore, the future of vegan literally transforms your mind, body, and soul.

The interest of people is growing in the vegan movement day by day. Everyone from top doctors like Kim A. Williams, T. Colin Campbell Angie Sadeghi, etc to celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo Di Caprio, Woody Harrelson, Beyonce, Peter Dinklage, Alicia Silverstone, Moby, Paul McCartney and companies like Google and Tesla, famous chefs like Jamie Oliver, world-class athletes like Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Lewis Hamilton, and wealthy investors like Bill Gates and Richard Branson are supporting vegan movements.

Thanks to the power of the internet and social media the world is becoming more and more transparent and this make it so much harder to ignore what goes into a stick or a leather sofa as food and meat scandals get featured in the news and documentaries at a scaring rate. Now according to the economists, major organizations are looking for vegan alternatives as they where this vegan moment is heading.

Vegan Food Global Market Report 2021

According to The Research Company report, the future of vegan food market in the global world as per the expectation will reach from 14.44 billion USD in 2020 to 15.77 billion USD in 2021 at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9.2 percent.

With the continuation of operations, the future of vegan growth has been observed by the companies and in adapting the new normal and getting recovered from the Covid pandemic, which was before restricted to the safety filters like following social distancing, working remotely, and shutdown of various commercial activities that created operational threats. The vegan food market will reach 22.27 billion USD in 2025 with a CAGR of 9 percent.

Growth of Vegan Milk

As per the GM insights in 2016, the global milk market was at 8 billion USD and will rise up to 24 billion USD in 2024. The sale of Vegan milk has increased to around 61 percent whereas the sale of dairy milk has fallen by 22 percent.

Growth of Vegan Meat

Accordingly the allied market research, the global vegan meat market will cross 7.5 billion USD in 2025 in which the Asia Pacific will witness substantial growth, and Europeans are expected to capture the market.

Vegan Future: The Conclusion

Progress is more important than perfection because each of us can do that much but together we can do a lot. As a consumer, we have a powerful voice. Our wallet is the key to significantly reduce human and animal sufferings.

Veganism will grow from a tiny minority to the mainstream. It will become the new normal but all we need to reach its tipping point. Every choice or action, big or small does make a difference.