The global pandemic covid-19 is now a part of our daily routine life. With the increasing number of coronavirus cases worldwide, awareness and knowledge is key to prevention. It is necessary to stay alert and safe for you and your family to prevent the coronavirus.  Coronavirus has thousands of variants, and some of them are very dangerous. It is good to take responsibility and follow required regulations for the safety of everyone.

Like the expert says that everyone should follow the guideline properly. In this article, we discuss Habits that can protect you and your family from coronavirus infection. Let’s begin our topic and understand the important tips and habits to prevent coronavirus.

7 Important Habits Tips to Prevent Corona Virus


1). Hand Wash

hand wash

If you are coming from outside, market or office, then your hand can touch many objects, due to which the virus can come in contact with you. To avoid such a situation, keep a sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol) with you and keep using it from time to time. While arriving home, wash your hands properly with hand-wash for at least 35 seconds. Due to this, the risk of coronavirus infection decrease to a great extent. Taking a bath and washing all clothes also are good options for prevention.


2). Wear Mask

wear mask

If you are going outside of the house for some important work, then leave the house only wearing a mask. A person suffering from coronavirus has the problem of coughing and sneezing. Due to which the virus enters the body through the open mouth and nose of a healthy person. The use of masks or face cover is essential in social events, market palaces, and crowded places. Experts recommend the use of an N-95 mask. Face masks protect you from direct exposure to viruses that spread through the air.


3). Consult with the Doctor


If you are experiencing difficulty in breathe, cold, sore throat, and other problems counsel your doctor as soon as possible. Keep maintain distance with your family and follow corona guidelines properly. Keep in touch with your doctor and also follow their prescriptions. Take complete rest.


4). Stay in Home

stay home

Avoid public transport, social gathering, crowded place, and contamination area. Stay in the house and do not go outside until it is important to work. If it is necessary to step outside the home, make sure that you have a mask and sanitizer. Staying inside the house is the best option to avoid this pandemic.


5). Eat Healthy Food

eat healthy food

To maintain your health, you should eat necessary nutrients rich vegan food items. Immunity is the basic need to fight against this virus. Eat immunity booster vegetables and fruits on-daily-basis. Vitamin C, D, E and zinc, copper, magnesium, other minerals are good for health. You also can try dry fruits for overall healthy growth.


6). Exercise and Yoga


Physical exercise and yoga can improve your internal organ’s functionality. Early morning yoga and exercises can increase stamina. A person infected with the coronavirus is incapable to hold breathe for even 10 sec. Daily lung-related yoga can empower your lungs’ oxygen inhaling capacity. Physical work and exercise help in healthy blood circulation. Habits like yoga, meditation, and exercise maintain your physical and mental health and stamina.


7). Vaccination


The government is providing corona vaccine free in every part of the country. There are many covid-19 vaccines are available in the market. Select your covid-19 vaccination center and get vaccinated. As per the experts, it will protect you and your family from major health risks.


To avoid corona, take steam twice a day. Gargle with salt in warm water to remove phlegm from the throat. Consume the decoctions at least two times. Eat citrus fruits and take special care of immunity. We all know that Corona Virus is the very deadliest.

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