Hey, folks how are you all doing? Welcome back to vegan kart – your perfect partner and guide. Today we are going to make something really special and in the list, we have a variety of pizza such as
• First, Classic Italian Rustic Pizzas,
• Classic Mozzarella style Cheese Pizza,
• Classic Margarita style Pizza,
• Smoky Chili Spicy Pepperoni Style Pizza.

How To Prepare?

• First of all, take some bread flour as four cups master strong white bread flour.
• To that, add a pinch of salt.
• Now, take some hot water just from the tap.
• After that, add a sachet of yeast that is about 8 grams.
• Give this yeast and water mixture stir.
Leave that for a couple of minutes.

Making The Dough

So back to the bread flour, we’re just going to stir the salt into the flour. Now it’s been a couple of minutes. Next, add a few tablespoons of olive oil to the wards to make a nice mixture.

Therefore, make a little well in the flour before that and also get our apron on. Roll up your sleeves and then get that water yeast and olive oil mix into the flour.

Other steps-

• 1st step, give it a mix with a spoon.

• Stir it until you think you need to get your hands involved.

• Pick up every bit off the side of the ball, at this point add some flour to the board or any surface & turn the dough out.

• Afterward, add a little bit of flour to your hands to stop them from sticking. Otherwise, you’ll get a really tough dough. Work with it and if it’s slightly too wet add minimal flour.

• Generally, it’s all about kneading the dough for about 5 minutes. It’s quite therapeutic doing this using the heel of your hand, complying with some pressure down each time.

• Stretch the dough out & then put it back on itself. Helps when kneading, stretching & back together.

Pizza Base

Got the dough to this stage, now it’s feeling really nice and also delicate.

• Pour a little bit of oil on this slate and this is the slate you have to use to rise the dough.
• Cut it up into equal sizes. Hence, this will make about six pizzas.
• Next, make them into a circular shape just to make it easy. When they’ve risen and are also ready to roll out. It doesn’t have to be too perfect.

So guys just put a damp cloth over the dough and then let it rise for about two hours next to the oven.

Preparing Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese

Now it’s time to make the pizza tomato sauce & vegan mozzarella cheese. Next, take a pan. Having two shallots and also one clove of garlic.

• Firstly, add 1 tin of chopped tomatoes & then a tablespoon of tomato puree.
• Next add a tablespoon of sugar, unrefined caster sugar & also some salt, pepper(a pinch of each).
• Then you have to add a splash of white wine vinegar. Also fresh thyme, Oregano basil.
• Or whatever you like add it. Fine to add the stalks as well because they are quite soft when it’s fresh.
• Blitz this sauce up once it’s cooked.

Mozzarella Cheese

• Put that on low heat & then make the vegan mozzarella cheese.
• Half cup of soaked cashews adds to a ninja cup 1 cup of soy milk.
• Thereafter, add a teaspoon of Thai food organics miso. This helps to give that bold flavor that you really want to smell.
• Next into the Ninja cup, 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast can be found at all good vegan shops/health food shops.
• After Ninja Cup, add 4 tablespoons of tapioca starch similar to corn flour. Of course, add salt & pepper.
• About a teaspoon of lemon juice adds in it to squeeze it through the hands.
• Don’t get any of the pips in & also a quarter of a teaspoon of garlic powder.
• Finally, flip this mixture up in the pan & it will look like vegan mozzarella cheese.

In short,

Yes, that’s nice and also blended up now. Let’s get that in a saucepan and then get it really nice and thick. It’ll start to resemble a really nice vegan mozzarella. Moving the tomato sauce to the back.

Final Cooking

Let cook that nicely in a similar way. Get mozzarella cheese & then mix into a pan. It looks runny now and it’s supposed to look like that.

• First of all, you have to put the saucepan over low heat & let it gradually warm up.
• Constantly stir it. Can’t wait to get these pizzas all cooked in the outdoor pizza oven.
• Basically all you need to do with this mixture is keep stirring until it starts to resemble a nice thick sticky cheesy. Light consistency, which is perfect to go on top of the pizzas.
• You can see that it starts to thicken up. Nearly there just be patient, then keep stirring around the sides of the pot.

Got a really handy little way of popping it on the pizza as well, l which you’ll see shortly. It’s Mario sauce mozzarella cheese sauce. Hence, it’s all done.

Flip this up & then put this in a small bowl. Cover with cling film until it is ready to serve.

What Do We Got?

This will get more stringy and more cheese-like when you leave it and set it aside. Since the tomato pizza sauce is looking really rich. Now, smell the thyme, as it looks amazing. Again flip this up now.

Use one of these hand blenders and just blitz it until smooth. But when a few lumps occur then that is perfect.

Simply love the color; & also love the hint of green. The time running through, it is perfect and next put that in a bowl.

Afterward, let’s get making these pieces. Like at the pizza oven. The color is amazing, that look is really nice and hot. Dough doubled in size as you can see &e are going to make four really nice pieces.

Classic Mozzarella Style Cheese Pizza

So first up let’s make a classic mozzarella style cheese pizza.


Spread a little bit of flour on the board. And then use your hands to make this dough into a nice piece of shape. It should be really thin.

Probably should put your apron on first. This dough feels absolutely amazing, so pliable and really elastic. However, you can also use a rolling pin. Next, go for those really nice rustic long pizzas. Without worrying about the shape at all.

That’s perfect.

Sauces Preparation

Sprinkle the really rich sauce on it. Spread that on. The oven is going to do all the work and it’s going to turn it into a really nice thin crispy pizza.


Simply putting this into just a sandwich bag will also help you to distribute it nicely over the pizza. Then cut off the end. Utilize this like a piping bag and that will be perfect.

Get the nice sun-dried tomatoes going to sprinkle over some fresh thyme.

Classic Margarita Style Pizza

So this will be our classic margarita style pizza.


Although, you can use your paddle to get it in the oven underneath it. It will get back to its former shape. But it doesn’t matter because this is a rustic pizza. These pizza ovens are so hot that they cook in about 2 to 3 minutes.

While using a conventional oven at home set it to around 200 degrees. Then keep the pizza in for about 10 to 15 minutes, if bubbling up nicely, then it will smell amazing.

Look at that cheese, the caramelization on it, and then serve this with some fresh rocket scattered over the top. Also, put on some of my favorite little berries.

Smoky Chili Spicy Pepperoni Style Pizza

The next pizza recipe is a smoky chili spicy pepperoni style pizza with hot dog sausage.


Keep out some really nice tricks of vegan-style hot dogs sausage. Next spread some mushrooms, just evenly over the pizza.

And then finally, use some fillable burial chili oil. Just like so also put some more of that. Thereafter, put some nice fresh thyme on.

Get this in the oven. First, add a little bit of salt and pepper. Then get a nice slice of the caramelized crispy golden pizza. Look at the texture on that and you can achieve the same texture just in your normal, even at home.

By trying this, you will find the best piece you have tasted ever. Actually, the crispy tangy sauce and the mozzarella cheese are absolutely amazing. That you gonna be so Impressed with yourself.

Hope you like these amazing and exotic vegan pizza recipes. Don’t forget to share and also subscribe with your friends and family.

Till then bye-bye.