For any vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it is very hard to follow a vegan lifestyle. A vegan person lives only on a plant-based diet. They do not use any animal-based products. Such as milk, cream, yogurts, and products that use animal products in their ingredients. A vegan diet is often linked with a healthy lifestyle, but how many vegan lifestyle facts do you know? In this article, we will understand some surprising facts about vegan food and the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Lifestyle Facts


1). Every Vegan Person Saves 30 Animals Life Every Year   

Do you know? More than 200 million all kinds of animals are killed worldwide by the food industries every day. It is a huge number. But people all over the world are changing their vegan lifestyle and becoming vegan for better health. A vegan person every year saves up to 30 animals by not consuming meat.


2). Reduce Carbon Footprint up to 72%

The top reasons that make people choose a vegan lifestyle are to get better health, save the environment, stop animal cruelty, and happy life. Do you know? Animal farming caused approximately 91% of the Amazon rainforest devastation. Animal farming produced 18% of greenhouse gas emissions while other sources of greenhouse gas emission release comparatively less amount.

According to the report, a meat-eater has the highest carbon footprint than a vegan diet follower. The report shows that people who eat more than 100 grams of meat release 7.2 kg carbon footprints. A vegetarian has 3.9 kg and a vegan has 2.9 kg per day. So, changing the lifestyle to vegan can save the environment more.


3). For Longer Life

Study shows that vegan has better Immunity than others. Some reports show that a vegan or plant-based diet can add four or more years to your life.


4). Low Disease Risk

Plant-Based foods have a complete pack of Nutritionals and free radicals. These free radicals generate anti-oxidant in the body. Anti-oxidants are responsible for fighting diseases. Better counts of anti-oxidants can prevent you from illness and boost your immunity system. It was noticed from past studies that vegan lifestyle follower has less risk to have cancer, heart-related disease, and strokes.


5). Vegan Save Food for Future

Many countries specially produce grains for their farm animals. Studies show that it takes much amount of food to feed an animal.

A Vegan can save approximately 21 kg of food each day, which can solve the hunger problem of 40-50 people.


6). Affordable and Easy to Access

Vegan foods are Plant-based items. These are much cheaper than meat-based food. You can easily find fruits and vegetables whenever you go in All over the world. Vegan foods are affordable and available worldwide.


7). Easy to Lose Weight

By following a balanced routine and diet you can lose weight very easily. Vegan food helps you to do so faster. Vegan foods are mostly cholesterol-free and full of nutrients. It can generate a positive effect on your health. A daily routine of healthy food and exercise can help you to stay fit.


8). Diversity in Food

Vegan foods are so diverse that companies are launching specific products for vegans. And the natural food item of vegans has all kinds of nutrients. It covers overall plant-based food items; such as vegetables, fruits, grains, lentils, grains, dry fruits, and others. The recipes of vegan foods are also so delicious and diverse.

facts about vegan food and lifestyle

Vegan is the best option for living a healthy and happy life. We hope you like this article. If you want to know more about the vegan lifestyle, check our other articles.