Plant based diets have been used for ages and centuries, but as we progress in modern life, then we forgot our roots somewhere. Today we are sharing with you some of the top 3 powerful sources of plant based food.

Although it is a very exciting time to be alive. Due to technological innovation, it has become the healthiest breed ever been. Thus making leaps and bounds in science and nutrition, then know how a body works at a cellular level. With all the information in front of us, hence we don’t see the following path.

Well, there is also a lot of conflict about nutrition & confusion while following the trends. Therefore, hope to achieve some sought of achievement & many health supplements do work out too. By enhancing & also helping to combat nutritional deficiencies. Although they shouldn’t rely upon it. For the long term as the answer for nutritional needs.

Though the truth is no food or supplement is going to promise perfect health. Therefore, gaining nutrition from a variety of raw nuts, seeds, fruits & vegetables. Plus it will add quality to our coming years. Because the path of optimum health is in front of us. As we can start realizing these health potentials by following very simple ancient practices.

Origin and Diversity

Across the planet, if we look at the food culture long before, then people eat food that was within their means. Either they eat local, fresh, in-season offs.

Though preserving their food naturally and in many cultures. Since there is little consumption of animal food. For eg. places like Oklahoma and Mississippi eat a plant-based diet. Thus getting most of their calories from fruits & vegetables.

As far back as ancient Egypt, scientific studies show that by analyzing carbon atoms in mummies. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians were primarily vegetarians. Even in recent history Vilcabamba from Ecuador, are the longest living people. Primarily they eat plant die. Even today the modern communities are living with these values.

As there are Amirim in Israel and Sadhna forest in India eats 100 percent plant diet. Mostly they grow their food as well. With the built and intuitive diet, they depend upon the surroundings. Because they are fueling themselves with real food. And this is their foundation, so let’s talk about this.

How Plant Based Diets Are More Powerful ?

Have you ever thinks how does food makes our body feels after we eat? Does this diet gives energy or drain us? Or it satisfies the horrible digestive discomfort? So here we have also some of the plant products on our list. They are as follows:


Talking about sprouts they are completely rich in proteins. Also, have a vast array of vitamins minerals as well as photochemical. Thus helping our body to function on a cellular level.

Sprout is just a little plant that has the power and nutrients same as the adult version of itself. When you eat sprouts that means you are eating the combination of the nutritional advantage of hundreds of baby plants.

India, Pakistan, and South America are also places of vital sources of proteins. Though these cultures intuitively somehow know that there is a greater value in sprouting the legumes versus cooking to eat them.

While the best thing about sprouts is that you can grow them at home. Not only that you can find them readily available in grocery stores. Growing sprouts at home are very simple. Just take the seed & then put it in water. Now, soak it long depending upon the size of the seed. And after soaking it, sprouts yields 24 times more than their original seed value. So you get more at the same price. As no super salad is complete without adding sprouts. That’s why sprouts are the first whole food that can optimize your health.

Seaweed and Algae

Seaweed can be one of the weirdest things that one could imagine eating. We have seen this sticking in our legs walking around lakes and ponds. And you will be surprised to know that seaweed was consumed by entire ancient coastal communities all over the world.

Seaweed and algae have been used for centuries, eaten all over, and have strong roots of existence in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China. And as a portion of food, seaweed is one of the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

From where do we get Omega 3 fatty acids?

If you have heard of omega 3 fatty acids and many people eat fish to get these fatty acids and ever wondered, from where the fish gets these fatty acids?
The answer is seaweed and algae. The issue with eating fish to get omega fatty acids is often higher in the food chain. The bigger the fish, the higher the chances of it accumulating toxicity. So when you eat those fish you are also getting these toxic compounds. So you can skip the middlemen and go straight to the source.

Since seaweeds and are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, you can try different types of varieties of it. And then there are freshwater algaalgaees like chlorella and AFA blue-green algae and also saltwater algae-like marine phytoplankton. All these can be harvested in their natural ecosystem without being harmed and therefore they are sustainable.

Both are absolutely incredible and not only that it is very interesting because in the early 1950s Chlorella was seen as a solution to the hunger crises because it is easily digestible. Chlorella is an incredible plant that is a single-celled organism that can manifest itself in 24 hours. Although it is the fastest-growing food crop known to man.

If it has the ability to do this, think about what it can do for you. You can put them on almost everything you eat like salad, soups, for wrapping patty. Other than this they are also high in iodine. So the most organic way to get your iodine is from seaweed.

Fermented Foods

Kimchi is a fermented delicacy that is on every Korean’s dinner table. This is the 3rd most ancient whole food that can optimize your health. Fermentation has a vast history that dates back twelve thousand years. Sauerkraut was helpful in evading scurvy for ship sailors in olden times due to its high vitamin C content.

The best and most amazing health benefit of sour crout and other fermented foods is their probiotic contents. Probiotics are gaining recognition for their essential health building immune boosting bacteria. It is the probiotics that helps keep our immune system in check. So by eating foods that are fermented naturally we repopulate the gut with good stuff and stay healthy.


Often we have heard that “You are what you eat”. The number one cause of death is primarily our diet. The standard American diet has put the USA at the top in the list of the world for obesity which increases the risk of serious health problems.

Overwhelming scientific evidence links the consumption of meat and meat products to numerous diseases. Health causes related to meat cause have skyrocketed to a staggering 50 billion dollars every single year and the world health organization now places processed meat at the same danger level as cigarettes and asbestos.

Meat is the new tobacco and this was published in the November issue of Times magazine. More and more studies just a past few years are contributing to the public growing awareness that we need to have become critically more aware of how meat can be harmful to our health.

Why The Plant Based Diets Are The Healthier Choice?

For plants based diet to become a healthier choice, there are many so many reasons- a wide range of nutrients. Beneficial fiber is only found in plant foods, anti oxidants and thousands of that protects the body and supports good health. Overall vegetarians have a longer life expectancy and a substantially lower rate of heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, obesities, and the list goes on.

Support for vegetarian diets come from numerous diets including the American cancer society, American college of cardiology, Harvard School of Public health, and the national institute of health which says vegetarians may be missing on ground hamburgers but they also tend to miss out on the major health problems that plagued most of the people.

Heart disease, the number one killer of Americans between those who meat and those who are vegetarians and vegans, and the progression of many diseases not only can be halted but reversed sometimes in as little as just two or three weeks by switching to a plant based diet. Reducing and eliminating meat and meat products with a greener diet rich in foods, vegetables, nuts, etc to a healthier world.

Our Earth

It’s not only the health of our body that is at stake; it’s the health of our planet. This is what we are facing now at a critical level: climate change and global warming, deforestation, depletion of our resources, soil erosion and habitat loss, ocean dead zones, water and air pollution, and world hunger.

These are not the things we can put off dealing with. We must now urgently reverse imminently catastrophic environmental damage. Environmentalists are focusing on reducing carbon emissions and investing in alternative and renewable energy sources.

But all of this will take decades to implement and will be enormously expensive in trillions of dollars and the complexity of social, economic, and political issues must be in doubt at a global scale. Because of this, you need to know one thing that is a major cause of all of these global problems and that is animal agriculture.

Some Less Known Facts of Animal Agriculture

• Animal agriculture accounts for 51 percent of green house gases emission.

• It’s also the number one cause of species and habitat loss due to deforestation, grazing, and borrowing of feed crops.

• In certain countries it’s the main cause of water pollution and uses ½ of water, 70 percent of grains and 80 percent of our agricultural land is used to feed the ten billion land animals that are killed every year for food.

By contrast, you can cut down your carbon footprint by half by going vegetarian. The standard environment law journal states that all reliance on animal products is a leading cause of everything- the one industry that is destroying our planet and the United Nations environment program strongly states that a substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with the substantial worldwide diet change away from animal products.

While policy leaders and even environmentalists are largely overlooking this issue there is something you can do right now. The single most powerful action you can take to help and save the environment and resources is to shift to a plant based diet.

Compassion for Animals

Worldwide every year 56 billion land animals and 90 million marine animals are killed for food. Imagine the scenario of this massive killing. The entire life o a pig is kept in metal cage bars in half-darkness on a concrete floor. They can’t even turn around freely. Confining and unable to engage in natural behavior they suffer from depression, frustration, and erotic behavior, sometimes beating and biting the bars surrounding them.

Their limbs get swollen and are sometimes lying on their own excreting. After forcibly giving birth to an impregnant. Also, take their babies away from them. Yet slaughter at just the age of 3 to 5 years.

For example,

Hence, before killing of these pigs made unconscious and out of them are still in senses. As they hoist upside down and their throats get slit. Lowering into boiling water to remove their hairs.

But these animals got sense too like other beings and are intelligent similar to a dog or cat or even a 3-year-old child. They are highly social creatures, intuitive and emotional just like other creatures. They have memories and can recognize themselves in a mirror. They care for their young ones as any human mother does. They are not pork nor a beacon, but a living being just like others.

Our choice regarding animals and diets is shaped by perception. The fact we see different animals in a different way and there is a number of reasons for this. Initially, most of us didn’t make the choice to eat meat. It was given and we continued the habit enormously accepting it as normal and never giving a thought to it.

We simply don’t see the face on the plate; instead, it is generic food or meat. The animals are seen only as products of production.

What if we can change the world with our food choice and what if after reading this post your mind and heart are open to accepting the power of plant-eating and the fact that animal agriculture, the killing of animals for food has grown to become one of the most damaging industries on our planet.


But to be clear, the intention here is not to be judgmental but instead to increase your awareness and give you important information which you may not know. Going greener with your diet could be one of the powerful and transformative decisions which you can ever make your life for three significant reasons:

• First of all, it has tremendous benefits for your health
• Second, it is critical for the sustainability of our planet and
• Last but not least, it could widen your circle of compassion.