Top Vegan Diet For Reduce Body Fat

Hey, folks how are you all doing there and today we are gonna talk about fat loss with Vegan diet. Particularly the science of why a vegan diet gives you a major advantage in achieving a healthier and less disease-promoting body composition.

And also we’re going to cover a little-known compound, which is essentially an appetite that is pretty much missing from everybody. Those who are following a Western diet system.

We’ll look at research reports that actually reduce the desire for high-energy foods. Then how to turn that switch on and so much more all with some epidemiology sprinkling over it.

Now first we want to mention that fat loss is a sensitive subject. That’s why we want to look at this from more of a public health angle. Neither it’s about aesthetics nor about being hot. Although this is about increasing the number of years that you could have. Where your quality of life is good & also where you’re mobile and so forth.

BMI and Fat Loss

So let’s go now for some background I could go on and on about obesity statistics. But something that’s still lesser-known among people is vegans’ average normal BMI in terms of Western groups. Since they’re the only diet group to do so. Showing in epidemiology both in the UK and the US.

However, it’s across the board but what is probably more amazing is all the clinical trials on adlibitum vegan diets. Thus, resulting in weight loss via fat loss with vegan diet. Moreover, Adlibitum means eating as much as you want. Of course, these aren’t processing foods.

From this one, we see a notable weight loss after just seven days. Under this broad study, the authors describe the most effective weight loss diet. Usually at six and twelve months without restricting calories or adding exercise. I also know several people who have lost over a hundred pounds on a vegan diet. But focusing back on the studies because that’s what really matters.

Though it isn’t just the theory we’re talking about the fat loss with vegan diet. Although this is a measurable reality. So why & what’s going on. Here I want to emphasize that this isn’t the main force at work here. Similarly, vegans do have some basic behavioral advantages.

So if you’re just walking into a gas station or going to a party or anywhere. Then the chances of a vegan being able to eat cake is just way lower.

In the words of Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake unless they are vegan then though that is changing vegan junk foods. And snack foods are becoming much more ubiquitous. But the main difference here is the attributes the qualities of the foods. That is making it into vegans’ mouths first other people.

Possibly these are the most powerful body trimming tools in the vegan diet. Other than maybe just relinquishing all animal fat is fiber.

Fiber Shortage From Diets

I know it’s just fiber yeah we’ll get t the exciting appetite switch stuff in a second. But first, we got to cover the basics. As in the US, about 97% of people do not get enough fiber according to the Institute of Medicine.

They are fiber deficient and this is such a simple point. Since fiber-rich foods have more volume for the number of calories they have.

And so if we’re zooming in on the stomach, then we have this network of neurons wrapping around our stomach. Which we eat enough volume that our stomach is getting full.

Then it sends signals to your brain and says don’t eat anymore. And across-the-board animal products are high in energy, fat, and low in volume. Simply they are devoid of fiber and therefore it takes a lot more to fill up your stomach. And also tell your brain that you’re full.

But a diet high in fiber is what our stomach and what our whole system is used to. From past studies quote evidence suggests that for most of history the human lineage consumed more indigestible plant material such as grasses sedges and tubers that is present in a typical western style diet.

Over hundred grams per day of dietary fiber is compared with less than 15 grams per day in the average modern day diet. But our body’s appetite system is much more complicated than just how expanded our stomach is.

And how hungry are throughout the day depends on a lot of things and that brings us to that appetite switch that we talked about at the beginning of the post.


And it is propionate to be amazed. Yet it is a short-chain fatty acid which is ironic. Because it prevents fat gain of your gut bacteria from breaking down fiber.

A study quoted in humans, that there is an increase in the colonic production of the short-chain fatty acid. Propionate acutely reduces energy intake.

How Does it Actually Work?

Though well, you eat some fiber the little microbes in your gut, digest it & spit out propionate. Eventually signaling the appetite centers of your brain. Therefore, the hypothalamus makes you less hungry saying what are your falls now.

And from this study, you can actually take an MRI. Do a brain scan of somebody & then measure the increase in signals to the hypothalamus. Thus changing the appetite center of the brain after eating fiber. Further suggesting a satiating effect.

As it appears that it is just part of our natural appetite regulation system from eating so much fiber. Throughout human history, fiber meant food. Since the average modern person, it’s as if, we extract that system & people are just missing it.

Almost akin to surgically removing all those nerves around your stomach. By just removing a part of it. You get what we are talking about most amazingly propionate. Moreover, showing a reduction in calorie consumption by about 14% at a buffet meal.

People need propionate propaganda 2020. Seriously! If that rate of calorie reduction extrapolates to all of the countries.

Then we would bring our calorie consumption back to like 80s levels. And looking at this familiar map, it’d be like rewinding it back to about here. That’s why it is a very different scenario.

But the fascinating wonders of propionate don’t stop there. It also has to do with our reward system and food desire.

Because the studies found that after giving people propionate. Then their brain reacts less dramatically to high-energy foods. Therefore, comparing say chili cheese dogs to cucumbers with the propionate that the difference was less dramatic.

Colonic Propionate

From the researchers quote “our results suggest that colonic propionate production may play an important role in attenuating reward. On the basis of the eating behaviors because propionate works with the reward system.

Definitely, it has some implications for food addiction and also binge eating.

Simply put if you’ve had enough fiber in the last 24 hours. Then you’re gonna be less likely to crave these unhealthy foods less likely.

To reach for foods that you actually don’t want to eat. And we want to emphasize that this isn’t cutting off people’s appetite to some unhealthy degree. This is just resetting the system to where it’s supposed to be now.

We want to address a concern that we really get. Whenever we talk about vegan diet and weight loss on this website which is completely understandable. Because statistically there gonna be some more robust vegans. Obviously, it’s pretty frustrating probably to watch us. Just talking about how a vegan diet leads to weight loss all the time when it may bed in for somebody.

But let’s investigate this. Firstly not all vegan diet foods are created equal. We have the healthy foods, we have the less healthy foods. And thus we want to emphasize just how dramatic that difference is.

Corn Tortillas vs. Corn Chips

We can simply compare corn tortillas or regular tortillas to corn chips which are really sliced up tortillas with oil. Corn tortilla without oil is 11 percent of total calories from fat and one ounce is about 60 calories.

Well a corn chip corn with oil is 55 percent of calories from fat and one ounce is over a hundred and fifty calories. That’s like three times as many calories. Once again we have to say it’s not a healthy food.

In theory you could eat almost three times as many corn chips as regular corn tortillas until you get the same appetite triggers and until you get the same amount of fiber.

And so forth, and this principle of oil plus food equals just way more calories applies to all sorts of foods. Just cooking foods and oils fries are just potatoes with oil. So let’s compare some whole plant high-fat foods versus some animal foods.

Avacodo vs Cheddar Cheese

Let’s just compare one ounce of avocado verse one ounce of cheddar cheese America’s favorite cheese wouldn’t that be American cheese.

The avocado actually has 60% less calories per ounce than the cheese despite having a higher total fat content in terms of macronutrients in terms of the total percentage of calories from fat which is actually 77% because of the fiber and because of the water so not to be a broken record but once again whole plant foods are just the best and moving on to a major concern.

I just talked so much about how great fiber is but a lot of people go oh my god if I eat more fiber than we are gonna get stomach issues and bloating and stomach pains and so forth.

We have some new information particularly from gastroenterologist Dr. Angie Sadeghi, she was there in the nutrition rounds podcast a new podcast you should definitely check out and she made some points that really really made us think.

First of all she’s just a living example of somebody that did lose weight and get super fit going on a plant-based diet.

The Bottom Line

The images speak for themselves how to do fat loss with vegan diet. But the point here is that if you want to dodge getting an upset stomach from fiber when you’ retransitioning, not only do you need to ramp up the amount of fiber that you eat, but you also need to diversify the sources of that fiber.

And the reason for that is that we have a ton of different types of bacteria and they all eat different things. And so if you have a limited amount of pinto bean eating bacteria then maybe you eat a ton of those pinto beans and you end up with a bunch of undigested material and gas and so forth but if you split the same amount of fiber in those pinto beans between yams and maybe lentils and veggies, then you’re gonna have a bunch of different bacteria that could do the job hopefully.

We also suggest fat loss with vegan diet & upping the types of plants that you already eat. Because you probably already have the bacteria to digest those. So you can eat more fiber without having action in the end as a nation or a western society.

In general, we definitely need to eat more fiber to tell our stomach when it falls as well as to get that propionate and make those propionate gains. And all that we think will power around vegan diet, is a subject for an entirely different post.

At least propionate gives you a little bit of an advantage in terms of how much you’re craving those high-fat foods those foods that are not good for you in the end it’s about your body using its naturalization system to know when to stop eating.