In the year 2021, the world’s leading nations come together and discuss the impact of global warming and climate change. This year has been a busy year for climate diplomacy. All planning, reports, and agreements are thoroughly revised, and many international meetings on climate change take place. Climate change is a major problem for all of us. The rising level of carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and the animal agriculture industry are major reasons for global warming and stop climate change.

If the year 2021 is considered the year of planning, 2022 sure should be the year of action. It should be the time of execution of the plan. Soon we recognize the problem and take action; it will be better for our future.


 Essential Steps to prevent Stop Climate Change

However, there are several ways to reduce and limit human activities and improve the environmental condition. Here, we discuss the essential steps to prevent the environment and stop climate change.


Step-up for Reforestation


Firstly, The Forest is majorly important for this planet and also all living beings. The major reason behind deforestation is human’s unlimited exploitation of forests. According to the WHO, approximately 17.9 million acres of forest lands are extinct every year. With this speed of 100 years, the rainforest will disappear, and 30-40% of new diseases will emerge.

To prevent this condition, we should step up and speak against deforestation. It is an individual everyone should make efforts to save our environment. Try basic steps and start from your own house or local. Plant three trees and take care of them for 1-2 months. Once they grow, plant the next three trees and repeat the process. In the long run, this makes a significant difference. Report illegal deforestation practices to your local police or forest department. Governments should support and organize mass-level plantation schemes.


Use of Electric Vehicles

Secondly, the electric vehicle industry is booming and showing growth in this decade. Experts are sure that it will replace traditional fossil fuel engine vehicles. However, pollution produced by petrol and diesel engine cars is responsible for a crucial role in environmental change. Big locomotive industries are investing in the electric vehicle ideas and expecting to replace their traditional vehicles under this decade.

In addition, the government of a particular nation should promote and invest in this idea. Regular use of Electric vehicles can reduce carbon emissions and help the earth recover its atmosphere imbalance. Similarly, Electric vehicles are very costly and do not fit everyone’s budget. Government should make policies and available this kind of technology for everyone. An individual must walk or use a bicycle for a nearby destination. After that, Overpopulation is another reason for moving to the electric vehicle. Less population needs fewer transportation facilities, so less transportation releases less amount of carbon.


Prevent and Promote Biodiversity

Thirdly, Every living thing in the world serves a certain purpose. Biodiversity is the combination of several kinds of plants and animals in a particular area. Do you know? Every minute there are more than 2000 trees are cut down in the rainforest. The major medicinal plants come from the rainforest, and approximately 50% of total animal species live in a rainforest. As per the experts, if the rainforest on the earth will disappear; more diseases emerge and a medicinal crisis also will emerge.

However, Protecting biodiversity is an important task for every government and individual. We all living beings are connected for a purpose. As a human, we need to protect our biodiversity to protect our planet. To protect biodiversity, we all need to take some steps like- reforestation, stopping illegal encroachment, and saving animals. Less human involvement in the violation of nature will save biodiversity.  After that, To run campaigns or awareness regarding prevention and promote biodiversity life.


End Animal Agriculture Industry

Do you know? The animal agriculture industry produces 37% methane, which affects the environment 20 times more than carbon dioxide. Climate change is primarily caused by factory farming. Due to factory farming, approximately 70 to 75 percent of farming land is compromised for animal agriculture. The cost of factory farming; in terms of management is very costly in comparison with vegetable farming.

In addition, Industrial animal agriculture requires immense water use. It consumes 20-30% of fresh water in the world.  The animal agriculture industries produce at least 32000 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. It is approximately 52% of total carbon dioxide emission. To reduce this majority of the population worldwide need to shift their diet to plant-based food. However, It supports an animal cruelty-free & eco-friendly lifestyle.  



In conclusion, we are in a peak moment when our actions will indicate our future. Most of the damage to our environment is being done by us humans due to indiscriminate exploitation of nature. To avoid the risk of climate change for our future generation, we need to take the right action for the betterment of the earth’s health. If you are reading this article carefully; understand these steps. However, please raise your voice against these horrific actions of humans which lead us to stop Climate Change. Take some necessary steps and make this planet prosperous for everyone.


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