Here we will talk about the top foods that are well researched cancer-fighting foods. Every single day our body is either building cancer or it is killing cancer. Although the key mechanism here is how well is our DNA is actually working that is able to

• signal and communicate with the rest of the cell and
• how well is our immune system working?

As we know that people also develop cancer because they lost natural sailor signaling mechanisms. That usually suppresses the weakened immune system. Hence, we are not able to hunt down or regulate any immune developing activity.

However, the good news is we can also use food as medicine & actually take these critically plant-based compounds. By putting them in your body which will help impact our sailor DNA ability. In order to signal apoptosis & then shut down vascular growth factors that cancer cells release. At the same time, it also strengthens our immune system. So we can regulate any rogue cells that have gone untagged and that are growing out of control. And you know we can do this nutrition through the best foods for preparing our bodies.

So if you are out there to make sure that you give your best in preventing cancer and live a healthy living. Then this post will surely gonna help you out. Let’s get dive into this topic.

As we jump in nutrition, then we got to remember the foundation of an anti-inflammatory diet. Generally, healing diet in the following steps:

Getting Rid of Sugars and Grains

Sugar is an anti-nutrient and it actually takes more nutrition from our body than it actually gives us. Therefore, any food with processed sugar and high carbohydrates like grains. And these things are stealing nutrition from us. Because we need to keep it out of our diet. That’s why we need to replace grains with greens.

Avoid Fats

Though having a lot of fats but we only need good fats. Since there is a necessity to get rid of bad fats like corn oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, soyabean oil. Definitely these fats we need to take out. Hence, add things like avocados, coconut oil & butter, olives & olive oils. Since things are amazing & also dense nutrients. Then we just need to get rid of grained fats, especially commercially raised animal products.

Changing the Meat that We Eat

Though there is also a need to get rid of animal meat. As far as possible as consumption. Especially red meat is very harmful to our body.

Cancer Fighting Foods

So we are gonna go through the foods that are efficient in fighting cancer. And to start with we have

Green Tea

Also, green tea is the best thing to start with. Basically, the best form of it is matcha green tea containing antioxidants. Yet it has powerful polyphenols. Thus really very helpful in activating parts of our DNA that are associated with cancer protection as well as sailor apoptosis. By shutting down the vascular growth factor (VGF).

One thing to note down is that while making tea, don’t put the teabag in the hot boiling water. Hence, allow the boiling water to cool down (that it is a condition to drink).

If you do this, then this will protect the antioxidants in the tea leaves. As high heat damages, those antioxidants & also a lot of people follow this practice. Eventually, losing all the benefits of green tea. So ensure not to do that & also summarize the health benefits of green tea we have:

Benefits of Green Tea

• Firstly, Green tea helps in stopping Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
• Secondly, it helps in the prevention as well as in cancer treatment.
• Third, an impaired immune system can also be prepared or treated with the consumption of green tea as a part of your diet.
• The risk of esophageal cancer is therefore reduced by it.
• Constraint the growth of certain cancer cells.
• Reduces the cholesterol level in the blood.
• Raises the metabolism activity & also increases the oxidation of fat
• Plus, the chances of cardiovascular diseases have reduced to a lot extent.
• Last of all, consumption of green has resulted in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.


Things like blueberries, raspberries, blackberries & strawberries are very rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants, as well as ellagic acid. All of these are powerful in protecting our body from harmful radiation stress as we know that radiation is a prime carcinogen.

Although the berries develop antioxidants to protect from the radiation from the sun. That’s what has given them survivability & if we consume those. Then it handles the high level of radiation as well as helps in inducing the death of cancer cells.

Besides it, the cool thing about food is that it is filled with biological intelligence or biological communication with our body. When we are absorbing or consuming antioxidants in super-rich foods like berries. Then we are teaching our body that we are in a nutrient-dense area. Really helps our body to just thrive. Thus, actually triggering the genetic activity that is also being promoted in our bodies.

The number of nutrients found in anthocyanins is

Cyanidin – found in grapes, red cabbage, and berries
Delphinidin– found in sweet potatoes,
Peonidin – highbush and low bush blueberries
Petunidin – eggplant, corn, beans, and red onions
Pelargonidin – raspberries, cranberries, strawberries
Malvidin – red-orange pigmented fruits and vegetables

Hence, all these powerful genetic transcriptions components or biological information helps in protecting our DNA. And then turns on the switch to kill cancer cells. Therefore, these qualities are also found in berries.

The benefits of blueberries in your diet are as follows:

• Slowing down the loss in vision.
• Helps in reducing belly fat.
• Preserves the strength in bones
• Getting relieved from constipation issues.
• Creates improvement in the brain memory.
• Risk of cardiac arrest is reduced.
• Lowers the sugar level in the blood.
• Finally, helps in the prevention of infections related to the urinary tract.

Note: Although it has been seen that the processed juicing and canning of blueberries have also resulted in a lowering of antioxidant levels by 22 %.

Lemon Water

Lemon as we know that is rich in Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids which helps oxginate the cells of the body and lemon has got citiric acid and citrate is a alakalizing agent in the bosy and the combination of citrate which helps to mitochondria function better, potassium and magnesium that is in there , vitamin C and bioflavonoids, all of thses things helps in cellular enrgy protection. They also helps in protecting arteries and capillaries and allow for bettr oxygen extraction by the cells.

This stuff also helps in overall blood flow and that is why lemon water is really powerful for our body. Squeezing lemon on different food is a great strategy for a good health.

The health benefits of lemon are as follows
• it boost your immune system
• it keeps your pH in a balanced condition.
• Unwanted waste material gets flushed out from your body.
• Wrinkles on your skin get blemished and reduced.
• Relieves you from tooth ache.
• Respiratory infections can be cured through this.
• A good choice for body weight reduction.
• Works as a blood purifier.


Onions are loaded with quercetin which is a powerful cancer stem cells killing antioxidant. As well as rich in sulphur compounds which are super good for our system.

Sulphur is a natural detoxifying agent that helps to detox our bodies. Onions are also very good for the skin as you will notice that after consuming onions your skin becomes clearer and cleaner than before. Also, you need to have a definite good source of onions in your diet on a regular basis.

Quercitin found in onions helps you in

• Preventing allergies and even asthmatic diseases from which many people are suffering in western countries.
• Protecting the building up of plaque on the walls of arteries.
• Combination of Quercitin with red wine (alcohol-free) has shown positive results in preventing the accumulation of cholesterol levels in obese people.
• Easing out the swelling and stiffness in joints.
• Inhibits the growth of tumor cells.
• Lowers the chances of lung cancers for people who smoke
• Reduction in bladder-related infections.
• Prostate health is readily improved by quercitin-rich food.

Green leafy Vegetables

The powerfull nutrition in the dark green leafy vegatables provides you vitamins, magnesium, potassium, tons of antioxidants. Chlorophyll, which is plant’s blood and these chlorophyll turns into a haemoglobin, which carries oxygen and to your surprise cancer cells hate oxygen and that is why it impoves our blood flow or oxygenation in our blood cells that helps to restrict the growth of cancer cells.

Kale, which is one of the green vegetables, is so rich in vitamin B and anti oxidants. Cruciferous vegetables like kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage etc. Things like this are so rich in Isothiocyanate and sulforaphane are extremely very powerfull in killing cancer stem cells. So you must have these nutrients in your body.

Green leafy vegetables provides you
• Vital Source of Vitamin A, B6, C, and K.
• They are good in dietary fibers.
• Good source of calcium and iron.
• It lowers our cholesterol level by getting binded itself with bile juice secreted from liver that helps in generating cholestrolfordigesting fat.
• These vegetables works as a kind of natural detox system in the body.


Turmeric is loaded with the powerfull antioxidants which is well researched which have shown to protect our DNA, shutdown major inflammatory pathways. Getting a glass of coconut milk with turmeric on a daily basis is really a good idea. Putting them in different foods can be a good option .

Pinch of turmeric in your food can
• Help in prevention of alzheimer’s diseses
• digestion is greatly improved with addition of turmeric in your food.
• Gets you relief from arthritis issues.
• Helps in preventing liver disorders.
• Diabetes is controlled to an appreciable level.
• It works as an immunity booster.
• It helps in healing the wounds fast.
• Cholesterol levels are in control with turmeric consumption.


Similiar to onions, belonging from the same family i.e. allium genus. They have got the sulfur compounds and particularly with garlics you got something called alliinase which are anti microbial and cancer stem cells killings. While using garlic you make sure that to chop it before you eat it. Chopping of garlic activates the alliinase enzymes.

So you should either chop it or crush it. You will absorb garlic better when add in some acidic food like lemon juice or some other lemon solution.

Advantages of garlic in food
• It is the most reliable source of Selium across all nutrients.
• It protects you from oxidative stress.
• It is most effective on yeast infections and disorder related to clotting.
• It helps in regulating the fat cells preventing them to accumulate at one place.
• Its go the best anti inflammatory properties.


Oregano is rich in three powerful antimicrobial cancer-killing agents. Stimulate the immune system to destroy the cancer cells. That’s why if you want to use it, then oregano essential oil can be very helpful as well. Because consuming supplements with oregano oil can also help your digestive a well as your immune systems.

Additionally, Oregano is very helpful in
• Fighting off the cold viruses with powerful anti-viral & also anti-bacterial properties.
• In addition, it is good for asthma patients as it helps to clear your lungs from getting excess mucus formation.
• At last, it also helps in smoothening the muscle lining of the stomach.


Ginger is also really very helpful in protecting against gastrointestinal liver cancer. As well as it promotes the vegas nerve activity helps in stimulating the digestive system. For the stimulate digestive juice production system and stomach acid, bile juice from the liver, pancreatic enzymes. And even helps to put the muscle tone in the gut.

Not only it is used for the prevention of cancer. But also for improving digestive functions, reducing pain & also improving hormonal imbalances such as-

Therefore, ginger also helps in

• Treating morning sickness problems
• Reducing the pain in joints
• Relieve from menstrual pain
• Controlling migraine pain.
• Preventing cold, cough, and flu conditions.