Wassup folks! In this post, we’re going to debunk some vegan myths. While veganism may look to us as a joke than a serious matter. Stats and facts strongly urge that not only you or us. But our whole community should go vegan.

So here are the top reasons to go vegan. Along with some untold facts on Health, Environment, Ethics & Morality.

If you feel this content is disrespectful and/or questionable. Then whatever is your perspective. We can only urge you to go through the full post. Before posting a comment about how much it covers.

Of course, there are several questions or concerns. Regarding any material, then please feel free to express them in the comments section below. Let’s just start with a brief overview.

Since it’s much easy to reject every other justification for veganism. Once you learn to throw those arguments at yourself by virtually dead vegans. However, by healthy &  certainly not protein-deficient guys. Health is probably among the most important elements we need to analyze.

Let’s see what the world’s largest institution of nutritional professionals has to suggest. About the healthfulness of vegan diets. According to them, “Adequate planning of vegan diets are beneficial, nutritionally acceptable, and convenient with life cycle stages. Including adolescence, childhood, lactation, pregnancy, adulthood, and athletes.”

Keep it in a different way. As individuals can be perfectly healthy if they exclusively consume plant foods. Therefore eating animal products isn’t necessarily beneficial.

Obviously, there are things to remember with any diet in order to prevent problems down the road. Far away, we show you why you shouldn’t have a concern. About omitting animal products from your diet. But there are other convincing factors to consider.

Then have a look at some of the factors. Why you must eat less meat and more veggies.

Lactose Intolerance

• Lactose intolerance affects 65 percent of the population. Even if you are not lactose intolerant, then dairy diets can create additional health problems.

• 2 main factors include excessive amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. Both of which examine further.

• In a nutshell we can say that Dairy milk is bad for you. If you’re a baby cow (poor joke). Hence calves can drink it only.

Hyper Tension

Might sound uncomfortable, but it simply has high blood pressure. Therefore it’s quite fantastic that vegans are up to 75% less likely to develop it.


50% chances of Type 2 diabetes reduces for vegans than those who are not vegans. This is a further statistic when it comes to causes of death.


• Although a vegan diet will not protect you from all types of cancer. Keep in mind that not every cancer causes by diet. Many vegans consume a lot of fast food, which is not a particularly healthy option either.

• Still have a 15% less risk for vegans having general cancer. That is a substantial reduction in the number of individuals who die from cancer each year.

Strokes and Heart Disease

Arteries when block or clog, often known as “atherosclerosis”. May causes heart and shafts disease. Too much cholesterol levels are the prime cause of “atherosclerosis”. As these are produced by diets high in dietary cholesterol/saturated fats.

So, staying away from animal products is a good idea.

Fun fact: A complete food plant-based diet is the sole diet that has been proven to prevent heart disease. To conclude the first part of our article, we don’t need animal products to survive or remain healthy, hence they are, by term, useless to consume. Remember it, while you read the following parts.

Also, cutting meat, dairy, and eggs from your diet can help you. To avoid a variety of medical problems, out of which are severe and fatal.

Taste and Price

Don’t want to bring up these two issues initially. But we have heard bacon a little too often lately. And a diet must be sensible, so it’s fine.

Among the most common complaints, we heard is that vegan food tastes dull. Let’s see various vegan foods and check how boring they are.

There is no need to explain much about this point. Besides, one could really think pineapples. For instance, are boring? However, we are changing our thoughts about pizza.

Your sense of taste may find it hard to appreciate the taste of typically far less seasoned veggies. Or if you are habitual to eating chicken legs soaked in oil, herbs, and salt.

Then you don’t have to eat a variety of unseasoned veggie side dishes. By replacing the chicken. Just simply add a small amount of it.

Put them on your dish next to your vegetables. Use them for making moose gas and, perhaps more crucially, stuper gas. Moreover, legumes are the ideal option to everyone’s preferred vegan protein problem. Which is a shortage of protein.

Canola, cereals, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal & a range of other grains can be found in nearby shops and markets. Dumplings, pizzas, bread, Spaghetti, and other foods are examples of foods made from grains.


Beans, lentils, bread, macaroni, rice, oatmeal, seasonal fruits & vegetables, and other food staples are relatively affordable. A vegan diet will be cheaper than a diet comprising of animal products in the first place. Unless you pack your fridge with precise vegan meat substitutes. Or visit exclusive vegan restaurants on a routine basis.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that all you need to know is how to combine season several tactics. Fortunately, our recipe sections @thevegankart include a plethora of delicious vegan foods. That can help you to succeed. Refresh your memory, all of the additional compounds. Use to overstimulate our taste buds are indeed vegan.

Oils, spices, herbs, sugar and salt flavour, enhancers, and smoky aroma are all vegan. So, rather than utilising animal products, you may simply put plants in such things if you desire such taste.

Part 2: Environment

According to Elon Musk, anyone who argues that climate change is a world-ending threat is dumb. This, we think, is the part for anyone else concerning about the environment.

Because the environmental argument for veganism is possibly the most compelling. Let us begin by opposing one of Elon Musk’s claims, coz. As he states that climate change must tackle the auto sector.

Elon Musk is right on multiple instances during his life. Like how he will come to meet you. But the second half of Elon’s reply is just incorrect.

Certainly, handling climate change & shifting away from fossil fuels is helpful. Since the most immediate issue here is animal agriculture, which is an uncommon fact.

Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all other kinds of transportation together. Allow that to soak in for a moment. Do you want to learn some shocking facts? So, let’s start.

• 82 percent of starving children live in regions of Western countries. Where animal gets food &  animal meat is eaten by people.

• Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of deforestation in the Amazon.

• Since, animal agriculture relates to the extinction of species. And ocean dead zones, water pollution, habitat destruction.

• For every 1 pound of fish, it summons up to 5 pounds of unwanted marine species. And dumping will be through killing. Comprising Sea turtles. sharks, whales, and cuttlefish.

• 3/4 of the world’s fisheries previously exploits or depletes. By 2048, the oceans were devoid of fish. Effectively putting an end to life on Earth as per the sources.

Since we don’t know about you. But we find it frightening that nearly no one is aware of such facts. Yet, who is informing us? Although, the main source of info is not schools. So, who’s the next in line?

However, why is this the case? Isn’t anyone trying to educate the people about how to primarily avoid climate change?

Simply by walking through the store sections. Because it’s an unsettling truth. And unsettling for their respective sectors can profit handsomely. From doing as little as possible, and unsettling for the consumer. Also, keep making unsettling alterations to their eating habits.

Everything mention thus far is just the top of the wedge. Therefore we highly encourage you to watch the documentary “Cowspiracy”. To get a strong sense of the entire environmental issue. Listing all of their sources on their website & also the documentary is also streaming on Netflix. So there is no excuse left out to watch it.

Really a fact-filling documentary exposing how animal agribusiness is ruining life on our planet. Also supported by Leonardo Di Caprio.

The Bottom line

Life on Earth will perish is the bottom line. Unless we, as individuals and as a society. Significantly adjust our eating patterns.

We cannot count on somebody like Elon Musk to resolve all of our issues. If we don’t want everything to ruin. To remedy this situation, everyone must work collectively & efficiently. One of the most realistic ways to do so is to quit animal products and educate others.

Part 3: Ethics and Morality

Probably expecting that morality is subjective. And such crap has no place in a discourse of facts and logic. Indeed, morality is subjective. But stick with us and you’ll see why this third part of our topic is important.

Let’s have some fun while learning some facts. Begin with this information containing listing.

Pigs found the same level of mental and emotional complexity as dogs. Think about this the next time. If you feel bad about how to raise & slaughter cats and dogs in Korea and China. Despite this, still do not have any concern about the pigs you eat.

Cows do not magically change grass, soy, maize, or other plant stuff into milk. Primarily, a cow must first give birth to a calf in order to provide milk. This means that cattle should impregnate every year to ensure a consistent supply of milk.

Dairy milk is for people, not for baby cows. So calves are removed from their mothers within 24 to 72 hours of birth. In order to obtain as much milk as possible from the mother.

Male newborn calves will murder and be left as byproducts. Or will slaughter later and end up as a meal. Before parting from mother and child is extremely traumatic, with both screaming and crying for days.

Of course, female cows will suffer similar pain as their mothers. Demonstrating that the dairy industry is a total nightmare.

Male chickens consider as worthless by the animal husbandry business. And butcher shortly after birth., close to 40 million. Male young chicks report killing in the UK each year. By mainly gassing or pushing them into a macerator.

This practice is found in all egg farming systems. Along with organic, we would like to inform everyone. That not only do we not require any of this. But these methods also produce that 65 % of all humans are intolerant to in the 1st spot. Block our arteries to the stage where millions of citizens die each year. And are the primary reasons for environmental destruction.


• To summarise the above discussion in a precise way, we can say

• In reality, consuming animal products has no meaning. Because vegan diets are beneficial when maintenance is effective. And prove to lower the chances of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other cancer forms.

• Not shifting to a plant diet then as soon as possible, animal farming, instead of AI. We will almost certainly be at the downfall of civilization.

• Tough to justify slaughtering animals for the sake of taste and nutrition.

Veganism is the most reasonable way to live in today’s world. However, if you have any doubts or disagree with anything in this post, you are welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.