Hey everyone and welcome to another post of the Vegan recipe of the vegan sandwiches. We are going to show you how to make the top three Vegan sandwiches that can be perfect for lunch. Also, we will share three yummy vegan sandwich recipes with you all. That would be perfect for a school or just to take to work as well.

Although we love the combination of sweet and savory. But if you don’t want to add grapes then you don’t have to. Also, we included some other variations of vegan sandwiches on our blog. So, you can add in some dill, raisins & cherries. Therefore, check out if you want more variety.

So let’s just get on to making them. Shall we?

Firstly, we are going to show you how to make some chickpea salad vegan sandwiches. Although this is kind of our play on a vegan chicken sandwich. Instead of using fake meat, we will use chickpeas.

• For this, you will need a couple of cups of cooked chickpeas.
• Then we cooked ours from dry but you can also use canned. Either way, you have to mash them up in a bowl. Until you get to the consistency that you like.
• Next, mash 75% of them. Still like to have some whole ones in there for a little bit of texture. Then add some vegan mayonnaise.
• After that, add some lemon juice for a bit of acidity. And some Dijon mustard.
• Add some poultry seasoning. Because the chicken in chicken salad is marinated or cooked with some sort of spices.
• So poultry seasoning is vegan itself. Or it’s just a blend of spices. This helps to make this salad taste a little bit more realistic.
• Finally toss in some parsley after adding some salt & black pepper to taste.
• Then mix everything together just to make sure all the chickpeas are evenly coated.
• Now we’re going to add in our toppings have some celery, red onion, slivered almonds & grapes.

Now we’re just going to assemble our vegan sandwich. That’s why we have a piece of bread you can use gluten-free bread. If you’d like, then layer on a few pieces of lettuce. Use butter lettuce here if you’re curious. And then we’re just going to spoon on our chickpea salad. Thus, making our vegan sandwiches pretty thick. Hence, keep us at full and satiated for a long time. Then just top it off with a piece of bread.

Vegan BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) Sandwitches

Moreover, we will make a vegan BLT using our smoky tempeh recipe.

Therefore, this is what tempeh looks like. Basically, it’s a quote-unquote cake of soybeans. Yet it is fermented in a safe way. As it uses the whole soybeans and they’re sort of pressed into this patty. That’s why it has a really nice texture. Also, get some good probiotics from the fermentation process. Honestly, we love it so much.

Preparation Method

• First, we’ll cut our tempeh into strips a half-inch thick.
• For making the marinade for our smoky tempeh, we use vegetable bouillon. Because we find that buying vegetable broth is kind of wasteful. Though we have to throw out that huge paper carton. As this is a glass jar so we can recycle it. Plus it has 38 servings for the whole thing that lasts for a really long time.
• In a little bit of maple syrup, add some tamarind for some sweetness and caramelization.
• Some liquid smoke & paprika to get that nice smoky flavor.
• Probably it’s our favorite spice ever & then add some black pepper to give it a little bit of a kick.
• At last, whisk this together. Since it dissolves and now we’re going to cook our tempeh.

Tempeh does have a sort of Wang to it like a tangy flavor but this goes away when you steam it properly. However, we are lazy and we don’t like to put a lot of effort into our meals and do things that take so many steps.

So our method of cooking tempeh is we think the best because we add extra liquid to the pan. So

• First, we’re going to see Matt the template in the veggie broth and this also counts as a marinating process too because as tempeh puffs up it is starting to absorb that liquid
• So we’re going to keep steaming our tempeh.
• We’re going to rotate it every three minutes or so just to make sure all the sides are absorbing the liquid evenly.

We think this is key to getting a flavour in every single piece and look and cranny of your tempeh and then as you can see the liquid is starting to evaporate so at one point the pan will start to look a little bit sticky and the liquid will start to thicken and this is when we’re going to act a lot more quickly.

• We’re going to rotate the tempeh pretty continuously to make sure all the sides of it are getting evenly coated in the marinade and pay attention to what spots in your pan are cooking it faster.
• And we like to sort of rotating our tempeh into those spots to make sure it gets that nice golden brown coating and after all the liquid evaporates you are pretty much done.

So then you have your yummy tempeh guys. We use this in bootable x’. We like to put it in salads but today we’re putting in a sandwich because we wanted to show you how it can be a little bit more versatile.

Either way, honestly this is probably the recipe that we make the most from our own blog. We make it at least once a week. It’s so good.

BLT Sandwich

So then now to make our a BLT sandwich werecommend toasting your bread especially if you’re making this sandwich ahead of time it makes it less oggy.

If you’re eating it the next day and then again we are just coating it with some of that homemade vegan mayo here as well. Add some thick slices of tomatoes and some more butter lettuce again and then you’re just going to layer your tempeh on in strips. We like to do about a stripper segment of bread if that makes sense because they are cut pretty thickly. But you can do it.

However you like if you like to double it up or want more tempeh this bread is pretty big as well so maybe if the bread was smaller I would use more strips and let’s sort of layer them more but anyway now we’re just going to carefully flip the tempeh up onto the lettuce and we have our sandwich this sandwich is hearty and filling you got some nice plant-based protein from the tempeh and that great BLT flavour that we all know and love or at least I hope you guys love it because I sure do.

Rainbow Veggie Hummus Sandwich

Last but not least we are going to show you how to make a rainbow veggie hummus sandwich and honestly, you don’t have to have rainbow veggies in order to have a tasty and yummy meal. This is more of a recipe idea but if you want to have fun with your food or if you’re struggling to eat vegetables sometimes, we just think it’s more to make them look prettier.

So for our hummus, we are using the homemade hummus from our blog. It is seriously a game-changer guy we promise. It’s the best hummus you’re probably gonna have in your life. You can use store-bought if you want but we would totally recommend you check our hummus recipe out. We’re also going to be using some rainbow veggies.

We tried to get the full rainbow spectrum here but guys we are not gonna have blueberries to our sandwich okay. We just think that’s weird. We don’t get why people do that.

So we just stuck way that tomatoes, carrots, yellow bell pepper, some greens cucumber and some beetroot and you just want to make sure you slice your veggies very thinly so it’s easier for you to eat them and digest them.

Preparation Method

So again we are starting out with a piece of toasted bread. If you prefer your sandwiches toasted or untoasted, we definitely are the toast redundant.

• We’re just going to slather some hummus on we would recommend doing this on both sides of your bread because the veggies in and of themselves aren’t very filling
• You’re getting most of your satiating protein and fats and healthy carbs from the hummus
• So for a rainbow, we started out with a beetroot.
• Then we topped it off with the tomato the carrots for orange.
• There are yellow bell pepper and we have three types of greens we got some butter, lettuce greens and then some cucumber.
• We were going like yellow-green to dark green and then to pit off with another piece of bread that’s coated in hummus.

You’re good to go because there are so many veggies in this sandwich.We do like to wrap it in parchment paper. We find that it keeps everything together and ready until we are going to eat it all.

So we just want to reiterate one more time you don’t have to have the full rainbow of veggies in order to enjoy the sandwich. You can use whatever you have in your pantry or whatever veggies you have either way of a combination with the creamy hummus and toasty bread is really yummy.

The Bottom Line

That’s it, guys. Let us know in the comments below which vegan sandwich recipe was your favorite or if you have another sandwich recipe that you want us to organize and put up on our blog, let us know that in the comments below.

All these recipes are pretty customizable. You can really add whatever veggies you have in your fridge especially for the rainbow vegan sandwiches whatever floats your boat. You can even just make it into a salad and add extra veggies and dressing and protein sources like chickpeas or Tempe.

So the world is your vegan oyster. If you liked this video and want to see more, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter by signing up from right now. Here we post the latest vegan recipe every single week and let us know that you like what you see here and you want to see more vegan recipes.

We hope you’re having an awesome day.