Phone applications are playing a critical role in assisting people in making real lifestyle changes in the world. And that too when technology serves such a large role in our day to day lives. So here goes the list of the top seven vegan mobile apps.

Developing a surge in the number of vegan mobile apps helps consumers in making the change to a more sustainable, & also animal-free lifestyle. Here is a list of a few examples of the top 7 Vegan Mobile Apps.


As “Abillion” wants to bring vegans and veg-curious people together. In order to establish a social group of people who want to live morally & also in a sustainable way.

Therefore, “Abillion” is the world’s fastest vegan food, animal-free product search, and interaction platform.

What it Offers?

You can find Vegan foods all over the world. Because Abillion has food and recipe reviews from all types of restaurants around the world. Thus all thanks to the members across 130 countries.

Members of your country or influencers you follow recommend  Vegan recipes and animal-free goods. That can be found in your feed. Although, you can add your own ratings and reviews to the ongoing list of eco-friendly solutions.

With its one-of-a-kind donating program, every review has a significant impact. Whenever you write reviews, “Abillion” rewards you with $1. Donating to one of the top organizations or meaningful causes that supports this app.

As of now, there is a donation of over $800,000 for many life-saving projects all over the world. Also with a target of donating 1 million US dollars by the year-end of 2021.

Posts are a new method to engage with a devoted community. Generally, this app allows you to contribute any sustainability information, ideas, innovation, or queries. So you can also give your feedback at [email protected]

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

In his book How Not to Die, Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen lists the best healthiest food and recipe. And how many servings of each foodstuff we should aim to eat every day. It also includes 21 Customizations from How Not to Diet in this.

Weight-loss boosters are there to assist you to get the most out of your inherent fat-burning abilities.

All of the profits from the books, videos, and public appearances go to charity.

Dr. Greger’s is a non-profit, scientific service for the public that provides regular updates on the newest nutrition studies through short videos. He has approximately a thousand short films on all aspects of a healthy diet. As well as he posts new videos and blogs every day.

Each and everything on the app is both ad-free and free of cost.


Cruelty-Cutter also makes it easy for customers to buy animal-free products. You can ask any questions regarding an item if it is going through animal testing or not.

Scan it with this app to check the status and then receive an instant response from the customer support team.

Every vegan product company is on the list of Leaping Bunny and PETA, which all are included on Cruelty-Cutter. It is the industry’s most up-to-date and watchful animal-free list.

However, Cruelty-Cutter is an anti-cruelty mobile app for vegan activists. In this, you can also share your results on social media with your buddies, as well as your problems/issues. Or you can also appreciate a vegan product of a particular brand.

Businesses that are still conducting lab tests on animals will also receive notice that Cruelty-Cutter users oppose their actions.

In this app, the more you share, the more “Doggie Dollars” then you will reward with cruelty-free coupons to buy vegan products.

Hence, this vegan mobile app allows you to express your concern through registration. While contributing to the collection of data that will be presented to companies. Who conducts animal testing to show that the public does not support businesses. Therefore, it will continue to use animals even if they are not necessary.

What Cruelty-Cutter Offers You:

  • First, it helps to scan your product barcodes to see if they’re cruelty-free or not.
  • Post “Bite Back” by using #CruelCompanies’ on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Take action to earn “Doggie Dollars”.
  • Then redeem your Doggie Dollars to get discounts on cruelty-free products.
  • Make new friends and also make your contribution to a cruelty-free social group.
  • Stay tuned to animal welfare issues and how you can help in it.
  • Donate to this vegan mobile app. Your app purchase contributes to the Beagle Freedom Project, a non-profit committed to rescuing beagles from labs.

The Beagle Freedom Project rescues beagles and other animals from testing labs from all over the world, giving them a new life to live.

Happy Cow

Happy Cow is also one of the top 7 vegan mobile apps. Assist people in discovering and finding out all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants near to you and across the world.

What You Can Search Through this App?

There are over 145k vegans and vegetarian restaurants to choose from that are plant and gluten-free.

Find health food outlets, grocery shops, and supermarkets in your area.

Whenever you plan a trip, then search the location on the online map. Read over a million reviews and images to see what other people have to say, and use it to select a top cafe or restaurant.

Get information on vegan restaurants and retailers, including opening and closing hours, directions, pictures, and ratings.
Plan out a healthy diet, lose weight, or your 3-week Vegan Kickstart challenge with the help of a calculator.

How it Engages you?

  • Scroll from top to bottom to read what the vegan community has to say about the most recent vegan restaurants dishes in your area.
  • Share your favorite vegan restaurants among your friends.
  • Post photos of your amazing gluten-free or vegan dishes.
  • Also post reviews and suggestions for other users also.

Additional Features

While you do not have access to the Internet, SAVE listings on your phone to view in offline mode. Should add places to visit with your Trips and Favorites lists.

Use your Member account to transfer and retrieve your planned trips and favorites lists.

Select companies that are OPEN RIGHT NOW, so you don’t arrive hungry at a restaurant.

Especially beneficial in large cities with plenty of choices. if you search by keywords like restaurant, bakery, pasta, etc

Not only the top but all of our member reviews may be found here.
There are no ads in this app


Since users can track down their nutrition status using the VNutrition app, which works as a self-assessment application.

Although the daily checklist feature in the app, which pushes users to meet his/her nutritional goals by taking sufficient fruit, veggies, omega-3 fats, and protein sources.

Contains tips for vegans who are beginners as well as anyone wishing to improve their health.

Grazer – Dates & Friends

Grazer is a social app for those individuals, who wish their friends and partners to become vegan.

Where do vegans go to meet people who understand their beliefs and thinking?

Although around 41% of people who date online say that they have leat interest in people who consider themselves as vegan, still 60 percent of vegans wish to marry a vegan. So, therefore, Grazer is here to find your vegan partner.

How This App Works?

  • Most important activities are dating and making friends.
  • On the profiles section, users must specify whether they are vegan or vegetarian.
  • A match is formed when two people like each other. Users can start chatting once they are paired.
  • Users can answer questions on their profile from the ‘Starters’ list. These questions are intended for the vegan community and are ideal conversation starters.
  • Since people are tired of swipe culture, it creates a more thoughtful and conscious dating experience. That’s why users can swipe only for 30 times in 4 hours;
  • This app wants users to take their time when thinking about a prospective match and graze on Grazer frequently throughout the day.

Vegan Scan

Vegan Scan is also useful vegan mobile apps that scan items without a label as vegan but still vegan friendly, and it always upgrades its database to offer you more relevant results.

How it Functions?

1. Choose a product.
2. Scan the barcode to see if it’s valid.
3. Get a quick response

Why Only Vegan Scan App?

Are you sick of reading lengthy ingredient lists on vegan products when you are out for shopping to check out if they’re vegan-friendly or not?

From being Vegan to going in stores, reading over thousands of ingredients on multiple products to see whether they are vegan friendly, the process is highly time-consuming and stressful. And, therefore every product that has a vegan label is not actually vegan.

This is why the Vegan Scan APP creates to make living easy for vegans and others who have an interest in trying vegan-friendly cuisine.

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All the apps mentioned below are available on both android and ios platforms.

Some of the vegan mobile apps might ask for access to location,Photos/Media/Files, Storage, camera, microphone, Wifi connection.

So users are advised to go through the terms and conditions prior to installing the vegan app.