Wassup folks! So today we are gonna discuss top Vegan celebrities. Veganism is also becoming popular on a daily basis. Who are some of the most recent celebrities to join the vegan movement. And also who give up on eating meat a long time ago?

To find out the answer to these queries. Let’s see whether any of these guys are vegan or not.

Joaquin Phoenix, a vegan actor, does not let Hollywood’s demands. Get in the way of his mission to propagate the vegan cause. In February 2020, the actor makes the headlines when he deliver a stunning Oscar victory speech. Also, slamming the harsh dairy industry.

Phoenix takes the stage to urge people to eat a plant diet. In order to reduce the suffering of farm animals. He also cautions the star-stud gathering, “We are quite estranging from the natural world.”

Wonder why “we feel right to artificially inseminate a cow and kidnap her young, despite her evident cries of anguish.” The actor is a vegan since he was three years old. When he and his siblings see the fish-killing in a terribly harsh & aggressive manner.”

He not only appears in PETA’s vegan billboard advertising. But he also attends protests and vigils. Even witnessing rescue calves from slaughter just hours. Then after receiving an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Woody Harrelson

When it comes to vegan celebs, although it’s safe to say that Woody Harrelson was much ahead of his time! The Hunger Games star become vegan for almost 30 years. Due to concern for animals and the environment.

Many vegan celebrities, also including Thandiwe Newton, Sadie Sink, and former-vegan Liam Hemsworth, give credit to Harrelson for converting them to veganism. Derek and Chad Sarno, the owners of Wicked Healthy, acquainting with the actor.

Chad also works as a personal chef for him on several occasions. Even author the forward for the brothers’ cookbook.

Therefore, the actor commits veganism consumes specially prepared imitation. Like Twinkies make out from cornmeal while filming Zombieland.

Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch, a vegan podcast presenter & Harry Potter actor states that veganism is always in their blood. At the age of 11, the actress also quit eating meat. Because she was “viscerally repulsing” by the prospect of ingesting animal flesh.

Lynch says that she was in “cloud cuckoo land eating my ice cream. And then imagining that the cows were having a wonderful old time. In the broad fields” before going vegan in 2014.

Her senses were not open to the violence inherent in the processing of eggs & milk. Until she read the book Eating Animals.

Evanna develops her own vegan beauty subscription box for cruelty-free beauty aficionados. In addition to hosting The Chickpeeps show.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, a five-time Formula One winner, was vegan since 2017. Therefore to improve his athletic prowess and also to assist the environment. The British racing legend switches to a plant diet.

Hamilton launches a network of plant burger eateries, Neat Burger. In order to make the fast-food industry a nicer, greener environment.

Last year, Neat Burger establishes its first restaurant in London, just off Regent Street. Now expand to a second location in Camden Market.

Lewis isn’t the only vegan in his family. His pet bulldog Roscoe also sees a difference in his health since being vegan.

His canine companion was having health problems in the past. Since common in the breed. However, Roscoe’s life changes for the better as a result of his vegan diet.

Hamilton overjoys to share the good news, writing, “He’s like a puppy again!” It’s also incredible to witness these changes in Roscoe, and I’m thrilled to be able to share them with you.”

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, a former Baywatch star & longtime animal rights campaigner, is a committed vegan. She was also vegan for almost 30 years. Making her one of Hollywood’s first vegan superstars.

Anderson get an award from PETA’s Person of the Year in 2016. For her efforts to promote a vegan diet as well as animal activism.

Participating in several campaigns also pushes people to go vegan. Cooperating with the animal rights organization on a regular basis.

The actress, who has over a million Twitter followers, routinely tweets about animal rights problems. Even creating a vegan pop-up restaurant in France.

Peter Dinklage

Actor Peter Dinklage, well known for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the famous HBO series Game of Thrones. Thus, was a vegetarian for 15 years until going vegan in 2014.

Dinklage, an outspoken animal rights campaigner. Starring a number of PETA commercials, including the Face Your Food video, over the years. Exposing the dark side of the meat, egg, and also dairy industries in the video.

In light of the dangerous “direwolf craze,” the celebrity also cautions the followers. That dogs are a lifelong commitment. Showing lead by GOT fans to buy their own “dire wolves”. Resulting in an alarming increase in abandoning huskies at animal shelters.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, the star of Spiderman, was vegetarian since 1992 and a vegan since 2009. “I’ve never been a big fan of meat. In fact, when I was a kid, I had a hard time eating meat at all,” he admit this to Parade.

Returning a leased car with leather seats when filming The Great Gatsby. Instead, the actor was desiring an atmosphere that was free of animal cruelty.

After performing in the film Brothers with Maguire in 2008. Natalie Portman believes that he motivates her to go vegan.

Natalie Portman

Tobey Maguire was Natalie Portman’s inspiration for going vegan in 2008. “I was in rehearsals with Tobey Maguire, who is also vegan & then I was eating this energy bar, which was really nice,” she explains.

I’m open about my concern for animals. Eggs and milk products also cause a great deal of animal distress. Not sure if this is a one-time thing.”

Portman was posting vegan cooking videos on social media throughout her quarantine. Then she tells Jimmy Fallon that she enjoys demonstrating how diverse a vegan diet can be.

However, she tells Fallon, “I like showing that there are really tasty, varied, easy plant foods that you can cook at home that your kids would eat.” In addition, the actress recently invest in MycoWorks. A startup that makes vegan leather from mushrooms.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes generally keeps his vegan diet a secret. Only disclosing morsels about it.

Whenever asked if he enjoys Nando’s, the actor laughs & says, “Well, only if they have a vegan alternative.”

The next question asked if he tried the local cuisine while shooting in Singapore, the celebrity gives a reply, “As much as a vegan can.”

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck, an actor & director is best for his part in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Apparently one of the first vegan celebrities, converting to veganism in 1995.

After discovering the realities of the animal agricultural sector, actor Ben Affleck’s younger brother moves to leave out animal goods.

Since then, Affleck was a vocal animal rights champion. Routinely collaborating with PETA to publicize the organization’s animal rights causes.

Someone asked why he is vegan, Affleck says, “When people ask why I don’t eat meat or any other animal products. I tell them, ‘Because they are harmful and the outcome of a violent and terrible enterprise.”

Jared Leto

Jared Leto, an American actor & musician, was a vegan long before it was fashionable. Being vegan for more than two decades. Attributes his young appearance to his plant diet.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in July 2016, he remarks his diet, “I’m quite healthy – I’ve been that way for a long time.” Spending the last two decades eating vegan food & taking care of myself. This is most likely beneficial to the preservation process.”

Although, the actor once shows the fans the view inside his kitchen. Confessing that his personal favorite is Uncle Eddie’s vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Hope you must have found one of your favorite celebrity from the list who is vegan and motivates you keep yourself on a vegan diet.