The ever-increasing influence of fashion impacts on our environment motivates the eco-friendly development of Vegan shoes. Makes from environmentally friendly materials and uses sustainable technologies. So here go Top 10 Vegan Shoe brands that are trendy & comfortable.

Putting the environment as the 1st priority is no longer an afterthought. As several manufacturers are dedicating their hearts and souls. To provide leather-free and eco-friendly alternatives. Particularly in the realm of footwear.

The dangers of the leather business are the vast amounts of energy and hazardous chemicals. That they utilize in the manufacturing process. Resulting in industrial effluent as by-products. Also making it one of the world’s most polluting sources of water and land. It’s high time to go leather-free.

Here is a list of some of the most sustainable, reliable & trendy vegan shoe brands. That you can proudly wear. Ranging from recycling waste from rubber tyres to organic waste.

Kibo is a Japanese word that means “hope” in English. The vegan footwear firm has set the path. For ethical and sustainable footwear manufacture. By repurposing waste materials.

Simon and Natalie found Kibo to minimize the environmental impact of trash. Taking inspiration from their family’s footwear manufacturing business. Usually, their family carries. They also give a percentage of the profits from selling each pair to survivors of human trafficking.

Applying sustainable manufacturing technology recycles 95 percent of water. This vegan shoe manufacturer creates footwear from leftover leather waste. And then recycle plastic. To make them comfy, odor and bacteria-free. The insoles produce from eco-friendly materials like Plant-based TencelTM.

Buyers in Singapore can also use the option of Try Before You Buy. That allows them to receive their products at their doorstep. And pay only after trying them on. While deciding to keep them.


Ethletic, a vegan yet sustainable vegan leather shoe business. Establishes in Germany, offers a diverse range of shoe designs. Including trainers, sandals, and skater shoes.

However, the firm began making soccer balls in early 1998. And then introduce its first Ethletic shoe in 2004. The first sneaker in the world. However, to get the Fairtrade seal of approval for utilizing fair trade natural cotton.

PETA approves this vegan footwear. Generally. made with eco-friendly ingredients including natural rubber. Obtaining from FSC-certified plantations & latex milk as adhesives. In 2016, they receives the Fairtrade Award in the Manufacturer category in Berlin.

Since, the location of the brand’s manufacturing facilities is in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Where it employs ethical and fair-trade procedures. Afterward, approve the local source materials.


Kyle Parsons found Indosole. With inspiration from a pair of motorcycle tyre shoes. Although, purchases from Bali. Jennifer Gregory meets Kyle Parsons at the brand’s main store in Bali. And then launch Indosole in Singapore.

Indosole is an all-terrain footwear brand. Offering goods that are vegan, professionally manufactured. Can make it out of natural rubber with Enviro Fibre straps. Then they exclusively use a natural pigmenting agent. And prevent 80,000 tyres from landfills so far.

Achilles’ Heels
Achilles’ Heel, a vegan-friendly footwear brand located in Mumbai. Makes unique pairs for vegans. Although, Nirali Ruparel creates the company in 2012 to provide men with bespoke vegan footwear. In a wide range of colors, materials, styles, and patterns.

Customers can also choose between vegan leather and then hide leather. To create genuine customize and creative footwear designs. Environment-friendly tanneries supplies materials for it.

People yet create the shoe mold. Design the entire shoe, or just select the perfect pair from their shoe collections. After that, manufacture each pair with exceptional craftsmanship.


Yatay, the founder of the world’s first bio-sneaker. Is a popular cruelty-free and vegan shoe brand. That PETA also provides approval for. However, the company, in addition to utilizing other ecological, practices. Also plants a tree for each pair of shoes sold.

However, the vegan leather shoes have linings with a composition of silky viscose. And also craft soles from recycled rubber tyres. As well as eco-friendly materials such as cereal and wood. The US Food and Drug Administration then approves the usage of organic materials. That has a minimum carbon footprint.

Marche area of Italy makes all the products with materials that you can acquire locally. Customers may also recycle and dump their old Yatay shoes in a sustainable manner.

Stella McCartney

The luxury fashion label commits to putting the environment first. Since its start in 2001. McCartney is also a lifelong vegetarian and animal rights activist. Outspoke about her opposition to using leather, fur, and other animal products.

Then they have a collaboration with Adidas for 100 percent cruelty-free and biodegradable vegan sneakers, aka “Stella Stan Smith,” which were in limelight.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the designer’s luxury vegan footwear line also incorporates materials. Such as vegetarian leather, regenerated nylon, and organic cotton. The products are, therefore, free from Vinyl, fur, and animal testing. An also aims to utilize chemicals/dyes. That is cruelty and leather-free.

For its usage, comprising of sustainable products and processes. Then the brand receives the Ground Breaker Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards held in Milan in 2019.

Senso Vegetarian Shoes

Beginning in 2012, Senso, the manufacturers of India’s first cruelty-free shoes. Also offers a selection of trendy and contemporary vegan footwear.

The vegan shoe brand, situated in Mumbai. Therefore, there is a need to make people conscious of their fashion legacy. And provide them with a much superior substitute to leather.

PETA certifies Senso and award with the title of “Vegan Men’s Formal Shoes.” They deal in both women’s and also men’s casual and formal footwear. In addition to buckles, wallets, and belts.

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Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin has its foundation in 2001. With the primary purpose of providing high-end vegan leather footwear. That will be both sustainable and trendy.

The footwear gets its design in the UK. After that, manufacture in Spain with eco-friendly materials. Like vegan and imitation leather with vegetable polymer finishing.

Basically, the insoles create from locally available environment-friendly materials. Such as post-consumer cardboard, PU plastic, and rubber resin (recycled), and PU plastic.

They also feature a wide range of shoes. Containing sports, vintage boots, and bridal shoes categories.

Famous celebrities like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway are among the brand’s top customers. British and American Vogue, W Magazine, Elle, and Marie Claire also cover the company’s products in their magazines.

Beyond Skin receives numerous honors, like The Observer RSPCA, PETA, Grazia Award, the Observer Ethical Award, and then Drapers.


Aera is a luxury vegan shoe brand in New York. Generally, the founders are Tina Bhojwani and Jean-Michel Cazabatpercent focus on the “110 percent offset” principle. Therefore, tackling the ecological footprint also helps the earth to recover. Since its launch in 2018, skilled craftsmen of Veneto, Itlay also handcrafts vegan shoes.

Therefore the vegan shoe manufacturer plants approx 2,000 trees in the Alluvial Valley of Mississippi. Also, restore 2728k liters of water in dry streams and rivers in the United States. With effective carbon and water offset mechanisms.

SCS Global Services, which monitors and then evaluates the brands. Also impacts from the production stage to packing. Now, recognize the vegan shoe brand as carbon-negative.

The vegan sneakers come in a box with tissue paper. From post-consumer recycling and biodegradable waste. Along with the verified cotton dust bag.

Further, Positive Luxury awards them the Butterfly Mark. For their significant impact and also long-term efforts.


Alfredo Perri’s eponymous premium brand has its foundation in London. However, the former head designer of Jimmy Choo, also produces genuine vegan shoes, boots, mules, and sandals. With exceptional craftsmanship. From manufacturing to the packaging of shoes. Therefore, great care is taken to minimize environmental impact.

Although, the shoes are handmade in Parabiago, Milan. A crew of craftsmen also utilizes vegan material. Such as BIOVEG-certified vegan suede and bio vegan Nappa.

Technologies create shoes that utilize 45 % less energy. Then producing a 13% lower carbon emission.

Though the insoles of all the shoes are constructed with cellulose. Then get a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). And also reuse ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

The footwear places an FSC-certified reused cardboard box. Properly wrap in reused tissue paper. Then comes with an organic cotton dust bag.

The vegan shoe footwear brand also gets an award for “Launch of the Year” in 2020. At the Footwear News Achievement Awards, refer to the Oscars for the footwear brand.

So which vegan footwear brand do you find the best? Let us know in the comment section below.