Not so long ago, vegan wardrobes fill with plastic-heavy clothes and fashion alternatives to leather and wool; it’s tough to find any material as durable and flexible as leather, and PVC used to be the best option out of a lot of bad ones. Vegan clothing means having no silk, leather, wool, cashmere, feathers, fur, or other animal by-products. If the clothes have any details or trimmings made from animal products! They aren’t vegan. Thanks to the growing trend of eco-friendly alternatives to animal products, vegan shopper no longer has to choose between sustainability, quality, and animal rights; this has sparked many innovative ideas in the clothing industry. But now, there are some famous vegan fashion brands are available in the market.

Moreover, as more and more brands strive for circularity, some vegans may be more than happy to wear recycled leather and wool instead of new animal-derived materials, since they would avoid supporting the production of new animal-derived materials. It’s good to know that; there are no vegan options available that are made from recycled materials. Whether you’re wearing recycled plastic bottles or recycled cashmere, you will benefit from the conservation of water and carbon.


Vegan Fashion Brands List

There are not all perfect brands out there, but we try to get pretty close! As competition heats up in the eco-fashion space, these vegan fashion brands are getting better each year! Let’s start our list of famous vegan fashion Brands.


1. Finisterre


Found the Finisterre brand in Cornwall by surfers who wanted a brand that focused on durability and longevity. They aren’t a 100% vegan brand (they use wool in their products), but they do focus on sustainability. It is a well-known and famous brand in the United Kingdom and has a range of vegan fashion brands in categories. Finisterre is a leading brand in sustainable fashion and offers tons of vegan-friendly products. It uses recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable fibers to promote circular fashion.

Collaboration between Finisterre and Palladium resulted in the creation of the ultimate lightweight, weather-proof walking boots using recycled and vegan materials.


2. Patagonia


The company Patagonia has a reputation for providing quality, practical clothing that can work for years and endures all kinds of adventures. The company reports that approximately 70% of its latest collection of products that made from recycled materials, and it also has a range of vegan products. This brand’s commitment to reducing clothing waste is evident through its repair and reuse program and guarantee to replace or repair any broken items. There are vegan-friendly Patagonia products labeled as such, as they use virgin wool, recycled wool, and recycled cashmere, but they also use virgin wool and recycled wool.

Featuring 100% recycled polyester, a low-impact dyeing process, and Fair Trade Certified sewing, these products produce with 100% recycled polyester and dyed in a low-impact method.


3. Benedetti Life

Benedetti Life

Fashion designer Matea Benedetti founded the luxury fashion brand Benedetti Life with the goal of transforming the fashion industry and helping to save the planet. PETA has approved Benedetti Life, and Positive Luxury has awarded the brand the Butterfly Mark. Benedetti Life proudly presents collections on the verge of extinction; the current series dedicate to the Amazon parrot. However, Benedetti Life integrates luxury aesthetics with sustainable production processes, utilizing eco-friendly materials and organic textiles only.

A slow fashion committed to endangered species, Benedetti life encourages a voice for endangered species through collections made from impact-free textiles such as pineapple leather, plant-based silk, bamboo, and another organic cotton. No animal harm in the process of designing this fashion brand’s product.




The Upcycling the Oceans project of ECOALF has upcycled over 700 tonnes of waste into recycled materials including polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool. ECOALF is another pioneer in the reuse of recycled material, and it makes many of its products as vegan as possible. Several of their garments come with a natural fast-drying finish that also protects from UV light and reduces odor.

Each item of clothing offers detailed information about the fibers used in its construction (in the case of these classic Duoro trousers, this is a blend of organic and recycled cotton). Vegans can also find clear labeling for their needs and a short sustainability report for each product.


5. Flamingos’ Life

Flamingos Life

Flamingos’ Life makes 100% animal-free sneakers for men and women that use eco-friendly materials and its materials registered with PETA. Sizes range from 36-to 46. As a brand that focuses on eco-friendly sneakers, all its production centers are in Spain. They use materials that they have developed such as corn, bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton that are grown organically without the use of pesticides. The rubber tree is harvested in a sustainable manner to produce rubber.

In addition to focusing on environmental issues, the brand has also released collections to address specific social issues. Besides offering beautiful shoes to people, the company is also devoted to providing those shoes without causing harm to either the environment or animals. Their shoes are stylish, eye-catching, and environmentally friendly.


6. Organic Basics

Organic Basics

Select Organic Basics’ materials with an eye toward environmental impact and durability while ensuring fair and safe working conditions for everyone involved. Purists should note that some products use recycled wool. Besides these products, Organic Basics also offers a wide selection of products made from the best-selling wonder fiber, a soft, biodegradable fabric made by converting wood pulp with an organic solvent into a soft, biodegradable fabric. Considering other fashion brands doing dirty business, the company puts sustainability at the center of everything it does. It means choosing fabrics that care for your skin and the environment as well as partnering with factories that are as eco-conscious as they are.

It is made from PETA-approved TENCEL and comes in a sleek, simple style. As part of their commitment to sustainable manufacturing, they continually reduce their environmental impact. Therefore, These factories also commit to not employing child labor or forced labor and make sure their workers have a secure and safe working environment.


7. Wama Underwear

Wama Underwear

Wama Underwear is an organic and sustainable underwear company targeting both men and women. Their products are attempting to reduce textile waste, which is a big problem in the fast fashion industry. It is possible that there will even be Wama hemp pants and shirts in the near future! The reviews consistently highlight comfort, softness, and breathability. Customers appreciate the fact that they’re helping to transition consumers to a more natural wardrobe.

The company makes organic, sustainable, and comfortable underwear for both men and women. They use hemp fabric, which is both breathable and antibacterial. The products don’t shrink in the wash and stay soft in every wash. They commit to making cruelty-free and eco-friendly fashion brands.


8. Linen Fox

Linen Fox

Linen is a natural fabric made from biodegradable flax plant fibers, which are perfect for vegans and sustainability-minded shoppers. In addition to being strong, absorbent, antibacterial, moth-resistant, and durable, linen has many other advantages. The linen Fox team makes a large selection of lovely women’s clothing using totally natural linen sourced from Lithuania. Each piece is tailored to the customer’s specifications by a team of professional sewers, so make sure you plan ahead. This company seeks to make long-lasting, sustainable clothing that is affordable for many women out there who seek value and quality. Therefore, this makes sustainable clothing that adapts to the body and gets better with wear. They care about making a positive impact in the clothing industry through sustainability.

Available for all body types these flattering and elegant tapered trousers are available at no extra charge when ordered. Made of medium-weight linen, they will quickly become a wardrobe staple. The product of this brand is eco-friendly and indeed vegan friendly.


9. Everlane


With its commitment to exhaustive transparency, Everlane is one of the leading players within the sustainable fashion landscape. We appreciate both the fact that it breaks down each item’s origin; and its pricing structure. There are some great vegan-friendly cotton-blend sweaters that serve as a great substitute for wool in all men’s and women’s ranges; however, the brand does not use wool, cashmere, or silk. Before buying any product or item, you should check the material and process if you are interested in buying any brand’s products.

Getting comfortable and regulating body temperature without the use of animal products is a challenge. The cotton-nylon blend cardigan is so soft and chunky; that it will have all the appeal of woolen knit but is vegan-friendly.


10. Boody


Boody is an ethical and vegan clothing label that produces beautiful, affordable, and ethical clothing made from bamboo viscose. However, Boody is a stylish fashion brand that provides everyday soft and comfortable clothing. It strives to offer products you can feel good about wearing. The company’s offerings include underwear, basics, loungewear, activewear, and other accessories for women, men, and kids. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, Boody’s apparel is 100% vegan and approved by PETA. No animal products are used in the manufacturing process, which makes it 100% vegan.

In addition, Their products are available for viewing on their official website. This brand ensures good working conditions, legal and lawful, and humane behavior with WRAP certification. Here you can find a wide range of fashion accessories for all genders.




The OSIER label offers faux leather bags, clothing, and accessories, all handcrafted in Europe with environmental impact in mind. They use sustainable materials and create their products using fair labor practices. There is no animal harm in the process of the development of the product. Using wind energy to compensate for the CO2 released during the manufacturing process of the bags, they aim to change the fashion industry by focusing on sustainability, transparency, and quality. Their collection of bag names after a favorite district of Amsterdam, where OSIER was born. The Jordaan messenger bag is made of polyester, apple leather, and cotton.

Each collection is handcrafted, using only high-quality plant-based materials. OSIER’s ethical and conscious manufacturing philosophy intertwines with a timeless perspective. Our planet’s endlessly growing and flowing sights are echoed in the subtle yet refined styles echoed in its intricate and organic shapes. In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, while elevating our designs to create timeless pieces that will last a lifetime, they are constantly exploring new techniques and custom-made materials.




Svala is a luxury brand that is all about creating beautiful, stylish, eco-friendly, cruelty-free products that are made sustainably. Its handcrafted leather handbags manufacture from the finest leather. PVC-free, premium, vegan leather, Pinatex, cork, and recycled bottles are among the high-quality, innovative, animal-friendly materials used in our handbags. The Svala handbag line with organic cotton fabric; and recycled polyester with plastic bottles. Therefore, Svala products manufacture with premium European, animal-friendly, PVC-free fabrics. Svala is an approved brand of PETA.

Here you can access a variety of vegan leather hang bags. Svala donates 10% of its profit to charities and NGOs for the betterment of the environment and world. Check their stylish and luxurious handbags and wallets on their official website.




Vegan and ethical clothing label AREDANGELS offers timeless pieces without compromise for both men and women, including dresses, pieces of denim, leggings, jeans, shirts, and jackets. They offer affordable clothing, sportswear, regular wear, knitwear, and accessories made from eco-friendly organic and recycled materials. They also design a variety of basics of new fashionable garments. In accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ARMEDANGELS produces its clothes with organic fibers that meet the highest ecological, environmental, and social standards. Furthermore, the brand is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a nonprofit that ensures fair working conditions and wages for workers at textile factories.



In Conclusion, The fashion industry needs to change with time, so does the vegan industry also. However, there are lots of other fashion brands also available in the market. However, Get inspired by our list of top vegan fashion brands and find the trendy styles; that you’re looking for.

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