Some people claim that they will not go vegan because they believe that going vegan alone will not make a difference. Or Vegan growth will never remark an effect that the entire globe will go vegan.

Becoming vegan is futile according to some people. Is this, however, the case? This post will let you know a number of recent vegan growth figures and discuss why we believe the future world will be vegan. Or why you shouldn’t hold off until then. Instead of this, immediately board the vegan train.

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While we’re on the subject of veganism, you’ll be the first to know: first and foremost. Some argue that being vegan will have no effect. And this is not the case. Being vegan has the potential to have a significant personal impact. We just celebrated our three-year vegan anniversary.

Estimation Stats

After looking up the statistics of what the estimate of impact would be. It estimates that a vegan can save:

• 1.2 million gallons of water
• Almost 44 000 pounds of grain
• Nearly 33,000 square feet of forest
• Approx 22,000 pounds of CO2 and
• Over a thousand animal lives

That’s a huge amount of impact for one person to have in such a short span of time. But even if it weren’t true, and that wasn’t the case, continuing to do something would be a strange line of thought.

Especially if you think it’s immoral. Large-scale, systematic change, whether for the better or for the worse, always begins with individuals changing and pushing for change. When more people change, it grows into a greater movement. Then there’s the possibility of societal change.

However, the same applies to eradicating slavery, women’s suffrage, civil rights, and other issues. Any of those revolutions didn’t just happen; we didn’t all wake up one day in the world & suddenly agree that women should have the right to vote.

Individuals, not society, were the ones who change & demand change till it become the standard. Or it truly made a difference in the world.

To sum up,

So, you know, it may all start with a small individual effort. However, it has the potential to change the planet. Is veganism, on the other hand, causing this? Does veganism become more popular? Or it will undergo a difference?

In a moment, go over a variety of statistics to back this up. But, as a quick point of reference, when people bring this up, we like to direct them to plant milk. Because non-dairy milk alternatives have come a long way in the last 20 to 40 years.

Also, the options they offer were essentially the same as soymilk and rice milk. Maybe another one, we don’t know. But, at the very least, not in a commercial sense.

Now you go to any grocer & what do you see?

Generally, you’ll see different varieties of milk such as soy, rice, cashew, almond, hemp, pea, coconut, oat, flax, walnut, quinoa, banana, & macadamia nut milk.

In most of these stores, the non-dairy milk section is equal in size to the dairy milk section.

Facts and Statistics on Growth of Vegans

There is change happening & why does it occur?

Does any shift take place?

Moreover, it’s not because one person makes the decision to go vegan. No, a large number of people are making this adjustment.

• Firstly, a recent study states that up to 6% of Americans now identify as vegans, up from 1% in 2014.
• Veganism report by a little over 1% of the population in the United Kingdom, as of 2018. We believe the number is currently four times larger, or 300 percent higher than it was in 2014.
• In another 2018 survey shows that nearly 40 percent of millennials identify as vegan now.
•2019 dubb as the year of vegan growth by the economist, also they state that doesn’t seem to slow down for 2020.

So far, the popularity of veganism & the vegan population is growing a lot & fast in fact.

Take a look at the Google trend statistics for the phrase vegan growth over the last few years. It rises dramatically & remains there because people are making these changes. Vegan Growth has a significant impact on our food businesses.

Top 10 Vegan Statistics

• However, the global vegan food business estimate 12 billion dollars worth in 2018. Also, plant food sales in the United States climb upto 11 percent from 2018 to 2019.

• In the year 2016, the worldwide plant milk market was worth more than $8 billion. By 2024, it predicts to hit 21 billion dollars. 

• Non-dairy milk consumption climbs by 61 percent in the US, whereas cow’s milk consumption falls by 22%.

•Wisconsin lost a little more than 800 dairy farms, owing mostly to trade conflicts & China’s pricing cuts in 2019. 

• Although the part of the reason the dairy sector is still surviving is because of the billions of dollars in tax breaks & bailouts it receives. 

• Beyond Meat & other companies expect to reach 7.5 billion dollars by 2025.

• From 2017 and 2019, Beyond Meat stock offers a major US company for nearly 2 decades.

• Mostly, the plant food business in the United States grows by 40%, with a global value of $27.9 billion in 2025.

• In fact, as per another research, the plant-based food business will be worth $74.2 billion by 2027.


Several other markets indicate to change as well, like the recent rise in sales during the coronavirus. That prompt Canada to issue new food standards that are far more plant-based. In addition, the Chinese government recently issues a new law aiming to reduce meat consumption.

Vegan Food Chains

Specific vegan chains are also seeing expansion & growth like companies like
• Veggie Grill plant,
• Power Fast food,
• Monte’s Good burger
Owner of plant power fast food told Forbes that their new San Diego site sees a 63% increase in business.

Vegan & vegetarian are always the hot search phrases on services like uber eats & grub hub in recent years. And this shift in growth isn’t limited to vegan businesses.

Basically, Vegan options also add to the menus of a number of huge chains, which is generating even more change. Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, Chipotle, KFC, Starbucks, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza Hut, & others are among the representing firms.

Next, a fascinating aspect is that this development & transformation isn’t only due to vegan manufacturers.

For example,

Tyson, America’s largest beef producer, has recently begun investing in vegan products. Actually, they’ve been investing in vegan products for years, including at the outset in Beyond Meat. Others, such as Cargill and Hormel, are as well.

One statistic indicates that 80 percent of the world’s biggest meat manufacturers are now investing in vegan alternatives. And they wouldn’t be doing that unless something was changing.

If the vegan movement wasn’t rising at the same time, this transformation would be far more difficult to bear. Also, some animal product companies and organizations begin to sue plant-based enterprises in an attempt to prevent them from doing things like putting the words “milk” or “butter” on their products. In some cases of the Miyokos, a plant-based corporation that just won a lawsuit.

It is also a good reminder that veganism is about more than simply eating. Rather than a diet; it covers all animal cruelty, that encloses a wide variety of sectors.

So Are We Seeing Any Changes?

• Recent study also implies that the vegan fashion sector is on the rise, with the vegan leather market expected to reach 85 billion dollars by 2025.

• Moreover, the worldwide vegan cosmetics market expects to move to $20.8 billion by 2025.

•Global vegan women’s fashion business estimate around worth $400 billion USD in the year 2019. From 2020 to 2027, it is predicted to rise by another 13.6 percent.

• Like the Ringling brothers, non-vegan entertainment is losing popularity & closes soon.

• Sea World has had a string of poor financial years in recent years, particularly after the release of the documentary Blackfish. Wild animal circus acts prohibit in 27 nations. In addition, whale, dolphin, and porpoise captivity for entertainment prohibition in Canada.

So Why is All this Change Happening?

People are changing, so that’s why. They’re also beginning to consume more plant-based foods & become vegan. Many people are making these adjustments because they are much more educated & aware of what is happening.

Especially with the ongoing spread of information through technology & all these fresh documentaries coming out all the time. In fact, the documentary Game Changers, on plant-based eating, is the best-selling documentary on iTunes of all time. On iTunes, a vegan documentary has become the best-selling documentary of all time.

As an outcome, people are becoming more aware of all the benefits of eating a plant-based diet & leading a vegan lifestyle. Like how it is better for the animals, the planet, other humans, & potentially their health.

Overview of Veganism

On the right side of history, veganism is present. Because of that belief & the movement’s growth that we truly feel, sooner rather than later, we will see a predominantly vegan world. Also, some people may find this difficult to accept.

It does, however, need to change. We’re referring to the fact that our current food system is unsustainable in light of our rapidly rising population.

Animal husbandry already consumes 45 percent of our ice-free land & approx one-third of our pure water supply. With an ever-increasing population, we simply do not have a limitless supply of these resources.

Neither there is a limitless supply of land nor clean water. So please accept our apologies, but something will have to change.


While reading this, if you aren’t vegan yet, then you should start getting used to it. And make the switch right away. There is no reason to put off being vegan & making a positive difference; it’s never been easier.

Right now with all vegan growth in the movement, all these new options continuously coming available to the market. Again look at what your personal impact could be over the next few years, over the next three years, you could save

• a million gallons of water
• could save hundreds of animal lives.

Therefore,  there’s no need to wait. You might as well make the change now become a part of this growing movement that will eventually become the global norm. If you’re vegan & are watching this hopefully it shines a little bit of light on your day and in your life.

Personally, we know that over the past few years there is definitely been a handful of times. Where you feel a little bit hopeless.

Especially when arguing with certain people or dealing with anti-vegan troll comments & stuff. Like it seems sometimes like the world’s never going to change but in reality that’s not the case.