Usually, people hear the word vegan; they just think that vegans do not touch any meat, egg, or animal-produced dietary product. But you will be amazed after knowing that; a vegan also avoids leather wallets, belts, shoes, wool, and any other materials received from animals. Isn’t it interesting that a person completely follows the animal cruelty-free lifestyle? They live an eco-friendly life and protect the environment. However, here we are discussing the most popular and famous vegan shoe brands.

The shoes are fashion status and an essential part of our daily life. Besides security and care of feet, it is also considered for fashion, style, and status. There are so many companies, that invest in the vegan footwear market, and some have renowned brands in this field. In this blog, we will discuss the famous vegan shoe brands. These brands offer you vegan boots, sandals, sneakers, and more varieties. Let us start our list of the best vegan shoe brands.

Vegan Shoe Brands That Are Stylish & Comfortable


1. Reebok Vegan Shoes

Reebok Vegan Shoes

It is one of the famous brands in the shoe industry that everyone knows. Due to audience inclination towards veganism and heavy demand for vegan shoes in the market, Reebok also launches the vegan footwear categories. They offer sports shoes, casual shoes, and classic vegan leather shoes. As well all the products from the vegan section are manufactured with completely zero animal by-products. So these products are hundred percent vegan and eco-friendly.

In addition, you can check these awesome vegan shoes on its official website. It is a positive step towards a vegan-friendly society. The material quality of the shoe is best, fashionable, and stylish.


2. Nike Vegan Shoes

Nike Vegan Shoes

Not all Nike shoes follow vegan law, but this company also launches the vegan shoe series for vegans. We all know that Nike is the biggest sports shoe manufacturer company on the market. Due to the emerging growth of vegan followers in the vegan community, the vegan product’s demand has also increased with time. Do you know? The worldwide vegan shoe industry’s market capitalization is approximately 25.04 billion USD. So there is the constant competition of acquiring this market continuously and consistently growing among new, small, and big companies.

The Nike air max series offers you the eco-friendly and vegan shoe category. It is stylish, fashionable, and also made from natural materials. In addition, You can see all the offers, prices, and other specifications of the particular shoe on their official website.


3. Baabuk Vegan Shoes


It is also a creative and fashionable vegan shoe manufacture, particularly a Swiss brand. This company is famous for its wool-based footwear series. The Shoes by Baabuk are very comfortable, warm, and skin-friendly for the foot. It provides a complete range of vegan wool shoe categories. The annual revenue of Baabuk has estimated at 4.7 million. So if you looking for new pair of shoes especially for winter, you should search on its official website.

The head-quarter of Baabuk is located in Switzerland. Its ethical workshop is in Portuguese and Nepal. The felted shoe’s category design of Baabuk is inspired by Siberian warm boots. In addition, If you want to discover more categories of vegan shoes on the company’s official website.


4. Bhava

Bhava vegan shoes

The New York-based company is dedicated to providing sustainable and eco-friendly shoes. As per the high demand for leather shoes in the market, Bhava offer a range of leather shoes alternative to vegans. This company uses Pinatex leather, Cork leather, Recycle bottle, and other vegan-based leather. It offers you a wide range of clogs, flats, sandals, hikers, heels, and boots. Therefore, if you are searching for stylish, comfortable, fashionable, and durable shoes; then Bhava is your one good shop stop.

The Bhava is best for its sandals and heels, and it uses organic, ethically, and animal cruelty-free material for the shoes and sandals. There are lots of options and products are available on its official website. In addition, you can browse and check the all-new range of vegan footwear.


5. Momoc


It is a vegan-friendly shoe manufacturer company located in Spain. The material for manufacturing shoes, Momoc uses recycled substances. Its products have also been approved by PETA and certified as vegan products. According to the company, the sole of the shoes is made from recycled tires. And the insole has made from natural fiber. The shoe leather of Momoc is made of Pinatex leather, synthesized from pineapple leaves. This company claims that the manufacturing of the products uses reusable material and zero waste models.

You can check the category of incredibly stunning and stylish footwear on the official website of Momoc. It also offers you a wide range of heels, sandals, sneakers, loafers, boots, and sports shoes. Check out Momoc’s all trendy, elegant, and cozy footwear on its official website. The brand name Momoc especially manufactures their product for fashionable and nature-loving vegan women.



In conclusion,  all-vegan shoes are also known as green shoes for their environment-friendly material and process of manufacturing. It is completely animal cruelty-free, so vegans can enjoy the fashion without any doubt. In this blog, we discussed popular vegan shoe brands for vegans.

Hope you enjoy this blog and go for the vegan lifestyle. Our dedication is to spread awareness and information about veganism. Please let us know your thought about veganism and share this article with those who are searching for vegan shoe brands.

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