Cobalamin, which is commonly known as vitamin B12, is an essential vitamin that our body requires in everyday meals. It comes under the B-complex vitamin family. The general human body does not produce vitamin B12by itself, so in order to receive this vitamin, we all depend on B12 rich foods. Many people think that only beef, egg, fish, red meat, and dairy products are good sources of vitamin B-12 foods. Due to this, a perception builds that vegans have a vitamin B12 sources deficiency. But, it is not true there are lots of plant-based B12 rich foods present in the market.

It is also a water-soluble vitamin-like another B vitamin. This means it travels through the bloodstream and nourishes the overall body. Vitamin B12 helps; in the better function of the brain and also strengthens the nervous system. It also helps in the formation and management of DNA. There are so many benefits of this vitamin-like it also can help to prevent anemia. In this article, we bring a list of vegan foods that are great vitamin B12 sources. Let’s start our list-

Vitamin B12 Food List


1. Broccoli


We all know that broccoli is rich in nutrients. It contains calcium, iron, zinc, thiamin, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin  A, D, C, K, vitamin B12, and other healthy nutrients. It also helps in diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis and promotes a healthy nervous system and brain function. For a vegan person, it is a complete pack of vitamins and minerals that a vegan can stay nutritious. But consuming broccoli in excessive quantity may create some problems. Due to its high-value vitamin k presence, it may be responsible for blood clotting or blood thinner. Try it once a week, and you can enjoy a healthy meal.



2. Mushroom


As we all know, a mushroom is recognized for its awesome taste and health benefits. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that mushrooms help to cure many diseases. There are various types of mushrooms available in the market. These all are rich in antioxidants, beta-glucan, vitamin D, B complex vitamins, and other essential nutrients. It can help to control diabetes, lift your mood, help the brain for better function, and manage heart health. Strengthen your bone density, and provide healthy skin. Mushroom is a vitamin B12 rich vegetable. So it increases good mood, helps the nervous system function, and enhances brain functionality. Mushrooms are also good for the immunity system and help to fight harmful diseases.



3. Beetroot


It is also a portion of healthy vegan food that increases your hemoglobin level and lowers B12 deficiency. It is a great source of iron, potassium, magnesium, folate, fiber, and B complex vitamin. Beetroot salad is beneficial for the overall health benefit of the body. It generates antioxidants, is free-radical, and helps to better the functioning of the heart and lungs. In addition, it can control metabolism and help the liver to work better. Vegan can consume it as salad or juice.



4. Fortified Cereals


The fortified foods are in rich B12 and help vegans to live a healthy life. If anyone wants to consume a good amount of vitamin B12, he/she can use fortified cereals or foods. There are so many foods are available on the market that is fortified with multivitamins and multi-minerals. For a healthy brain, nervous system, and healthy heart, it is a good option. If you are looking for vitamin b12 food for your diet you can add these items to your daily diet.


5. Banana


As per the experts, Banana is a complete food for those who miss their meal. Banana contains potassium, magnesium, B complex vitamins, and many other nutrients. It has a good amount of calories that one can work without any disturbance. It helps to feel better by releasing dopamine hormone. Banana is a great source of nutrients and fiber which control blood pressure, help to fight depression, and help to prevent nervous functionality. Due to a good source of B complex, it helps to recover and maintain body metabolism. Daily two bananas for breakfast can lead you to a healthy life.




In conclusion, To sum up, the article, we can say that, there are so many food items, vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits are available for vegans, who are looking forwards to the vegan option for vitamin B12 sources. We hope that; you like this article and get some information about vegan’s vitamin B12 supplements. If you have any questions about this blog, please comment below. We will, without a doubt, react as quickly and easily as possible.


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